Birthdays, Makeups & Face offs in Desi Rascals 2

In the third episode of Desi Rascals 2, Moses and Rita are celebrating their birthdays. And the battle lines are drawn between Team Owais and Team Solly/Adam.

Desi Rascals 2 Episode 3 Owais Khan Adam Michaelidies

"When you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud."

In episode 3 of Desi Rascals 2, the cast are celebrating the birthdays of Moses and Rita.

How will Solomon’s first encounter with Yasmin go?

Jo Shah and Jasmin Walia go to Hindi classes.

And Celia cooks her first Indian meal, a cracking biryani, for the first time.

And will we see Owais and Adam in a Big Desi Showdown?

Moses celebrates his birthday

Desi Rascals 2 Moses Baig Pure Muscles GymAnj has arranged a surprise present for Moses. A mural in of Pure Muscles Gym.

But he, Jason, and Shmoyel are worried that it looks ‘too realistic’.

There’s no need to worry though. Mo loves it! And in a classic Moses moment he says: “But my nipples look like chocolate chips, man!”

Jason adds: “It’s a cross between Popeye and Bruce Lee.” This guy is funny.

The cast all gather for Mo’s birthday party.

The highlight is Moses and Rita doing the lightbulbs, while live guest performer Juggy D sings his hit single ‘Soniyeh’.

Solomon and Yasmin have a ‘business’ meeting

Desi Rascals 2 Solomon AkhtarSolly gets mummified by a hot white towel in a manscaping session, to prepare himself for his ‘business meeting’ with Yasmin.

It’s all very official, so just to makes things sooo totez awks, Executive Assistant, George, escorts him in.

Yasmin is not in the mood for small-talk and shoots Solly down: “I think you should have researched before you came here.” Ouch!

Solly seems slightly nervous as he says: “I have a proposal for you. [pause] Strictly business, obviously.” Who are you kidding?

Solomon’s idea for a classy central London event is impressive. But Yasmin is playing it all coy.

George sees out Solly, as Yasmin says: “We’ll be in touch.”

Adam dates Kavita

Desi Rascals 2 Adam Michaelidies Kavita SodhaWhen Adam calls to arrange a date, Kavita ‘I don’t really like dates’ Sodha just wants something ‘low key’ like a ‘chilled out lunch’.

Adam says that he finds Kavita ‘intimidating to approach’. But she gives him her approval: “Well you did a good job.”

But rather than charm Kavita, Adam is more focused on her and Yasmin clearing the air.

Later at a meal with Owais, Rita and Shmoyel, Kav says: “I don’t really see him in that way.”

Shmoyel might be hitting the nail on the head though when he says: “I think Kavita is just leading him on.”

Rai Sisters stirring trouble

Desi Rascals 2 Moses Baig Farha RaiTake Me Out blondie Farha Rai makes her Desi Rascals debut, alongside her sister, Elayna.

Proud mother Harjit says that she has had a premonition. One of her daughters will meet ‘someone tall, dark, and handsome. And possibly a beard’. Who will it be?

Jo, close your eyes. It’s Birthday Boy Moses! Farha and Mo are on the same wavelength with the humour.

They get along famously, and Farha even has a cheeky feel of Mo’s beard.

Meanwhile, Elayna is flirting with Ross, and apparently has no idea that he has a girlfriend.

At Rita’s party later, Nat is not pleased to hear Farha talk about Moses. So Shardy sets her straight!

Jasmin and Ross squabble and makeup

Desi Rascals 2 Jasmin Walia Ross WorswickAt Mo’s birthday, Jasmin shares with BFF Rita about how she’s feeling ‘insecure and not good enough’.

Jasmin is fuming when she sees Ross flirting with Elayna.

She says: “I feel like you’ve changed. I’m getting mixed signals because I don’t feel like you fancy me anymore.”

Ross suggests moving out to give Jasmin ‘her own space’, which just angers her more.

The next day, over lunch, although cold to begin with, Ross mans up and makes up with Jasmin. He says:

“I love it even when you are being annoying.”


Yasmin and Kavita hug it out

Desi Rascals 2 Yasmin Karimi Kavita SodhaAdam plays UN peacemaker and brings Yasmin and Kavita together at Rita’s party.

Kavita says: “I just got marched out of a cafe and called a ‘silly cow’ by a supposed friend.”

Yasmin bursts out with: “You called me ‘toxic’, Kavita!”

She adds: “I don’t want us arguing. I really do love you as a friend.”

Kavita mentions the ‘tertiary friend’ Feryal, which Yas says she will ‘sort out’. Watch out, Feryal!

They both eventually surrender their bitch-shields and indulge in a giggly and teary hug. Awwww.

Owais versus Adam

Desi Rascals 2 Episode 3 Owais Khan Adam MichaelidiesAs Feryal is serving herself some food, Owais comes over and asks: “Are you stirring up some more mischief?”

The Big Bad Wolf launches into a tirade in defence of Kavita. He says: “Everything you touch turns to evil.”

And he does an impression of Feryal in a mock Scottish accent: “I’ve never had a boyfriend but I’ll lips your mate after I’ve lipsed you.”

Adam ‘I court women with a hint of swag’ Michaelidies turns to chivalry as he comes to Feryal’s aid.

He riles up Owais by suggesting that ‘he has had a problem with his upbringing’ and that he does not know ‘how to treat women’.

Desi Rascals 2 Episode 3 Adam Michaelidies The MudAdam then calls Owais a ‘lumberjack’, a reference to his Western check shirt.

The proud Ferrari owner continues: “Everytime you talk about me, you’re just bigging me up.

“When you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud. And that’s what I am, baby. The mud.”

Adam leaves. Solomon protests against Owais from the other side of the room, but is shot down. Owais is livid.

The battle lines are drawn between Team Owais and Team Solly/Adam.

Find out what happens next in episode four of Desi Rascals 2 on Wednesday 12th August 2015 at 8pm on Sky 1.

Harvey is a Rock ‘N’ Roll Singh and sports geek who enjoys cooking and travelling. This crazy guy loves to do impressions of different accents. His motto is: “Life is precious, so embrace every moment!”

Images courtesy Sky 1 and Buccaneer Media

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