Phone Call from Bollywood in Desi Rascals 2?

In the seventh episode of Desi Rascals 2, Jo receives a life-changing phone call. Jasmin frightens Ross with wedding talk. And Solly is still chasing Kavita.

Desi Rascals Holi

Who’s on the phone? It’s Bollywood actor Anupam Kher!

In the seventh episode of Desi Rascals 2, Jo receives a phone call which has the potential to change her life.

Jasmin Walia tries on wedding dresses with Rita. But how will Ross react?

Kavita said no to a second date with Solly. But will he give up? No!

Adam and Yasmin are still mad at each other (Surprise, Surprise!)

And the young Desi Rascals cast members celebrate the Festival of Colour, Holi.

Jo gets accepted into Anupam Kher’s acting school

Desi Rascals Jo Shah Anupam Kher Manoj Shah Celia Shah Bollywood DreamsMo takes Jo on a really cute surprise picnic. He has even packed her a survival kit to deal with life in India.

But we don’t know if she’s even going yet!

At the Shahdashians, the family are eating pizza, when the phone rings.

Who’s on the phone? It’s Bollywood actor Anupam Kher! (AKA Every Dad in Every Bollywood Film).

Anupam Ji tells Jo that she has been admitted to his prestigious acting school with a scholarship!

Jo cries tears of joy. The proud Shahdashians are overjoyed to hear the news.

Desi Rascals Jo Shah Moses Baig MoJo Mumbai BollywoodBut they share mixed emotions as they will miss her dearly as she is thousands of miles away in India.

Owais who has already had a taste of Bollywood, shares some pearls of wisdom with Jo.

Moses is happy for Jo. But he is very obviously upset, and resigned, that he and Jo will be oceans apart.

Surely this must be the last chapter for MoJo?

Jasmin freaks out Ross with wedding dress photo

Desi Rascals Jasmin Walia wedding dressJasmin and Rita try on wedding dresses at exclusive Essex-based bridal boutique, The Bespoke Wardrobe.

The ex-TOWIE star shares about plans for a £1 million wedding (which you can read about in more detail here).

When Ross is playing football with the lads, he is not amused to see Jasmin’s picture texts of her in a wedding outfit.

Ross looks like he is feeling the pressure. And so he confronts her about it. It does not end well.

Desi Rascals Jasmin Walia Ross WorswickRoss says: “Five minutes ago, you wanted to go Mumbai, and leave the relationship.

“And now you’re sending me pictures in a wedding dress.”

Jasmin says she wouldn’t marry Ross, given the way he has reacted.

Later, happily married couple Shreena and Praks advise Jasmin.

Shreena says: “Jasmin you nutjob! I think he weed himself a bit.”

Solly will not take no for answer from Kavita

Desi Rascals Solomon Solly Akhtar Kavita Sodha Yasmin KarimiSolomon is giving a new meaning to the word persistence. At the Holi Festival celebrations, Solly asks Kavita out for a second date or a ‘fun friend-date’.

Kavita asks: “Is Adam not going to come?” No, he’s not. Just you and Solly.

Eventually, she reluctantly agrees, as she says: “Well I can’t say no again. I’ll just feel bad.”

Solly is chuffed to see Kavita arrive for their cycling date.

Desi Rascals Solomon Solly Akhtar Kavita Sodha Yasmin KarimiBut he turns around to see Yasmin coming from the other direction. He is not pleased!

Yas and Kavita ride the tandem whilst Solly is left alone on his ones.

The two girls take pleasure in teasing Solly. But in a heart-to-heart with her girl friend, Kavita shows signs she might be warming to Solomon.

Celia relives her youth

Desi Rascals Celia ShahCelia finds an old biker jacket in the loft. So she tries it on and shows Manoj.

Manoj, who is sitting in the garden reading a paper, is very impressed. And who can blame him?

Celia looks hot! Manoj uses the paper as a fan to cool himself down. Easy now, Manoj!

But Manoj is incredibly excited! So he picks up Celia and carries her into the house.

Later, Manoj meets up with Sunjay at Vara Technik. Sanj is working on a bike for Celia. A surprise for the Series 2 Finale?

Adam dates Kazz for a second time, secretly yearns for Yasmin

Desi Rascals Adam MichaelidiesSolly gets his own back on Yas with some stirring.

Solly tells Yas that Adam has been dating Kazz. He says: “She’s super hot! She’s super-fun! I think it’s a good match.”

Yas unconvincingly replies: “I’ve been friends with all of his girlfriends…It’s great. I’m really happy for him.”

Kazz has decided to go for a second date with Adam. Very brave indeed.

Adam impresses with his beatboxing as Kazz requests ‘an RnB/uptempo vibe’.

But like date number one, Adam is continuously looking at his phone.

Desi Rascals Yasmin KarimiKazz says: “I think you have someone else on your mind.”

Adam opens up later to Kavita. He says: “It’s just really hard to just express my emotions after what I’ve been through.”

He adds: “Because of what I’ve been through, I feel like Yasmin betrayed my trust.”

Kavita sums up the situation perfectly: “If you didn’t care so much, then why would you be so hurt, Adam?”

Next time on Desi Rascals, Solly is still very much pre-occupied with impressing Kavita.

Yasmin says to Adam: “Everyone in the world has established that we are just a bit more than friends.”

Will Ross propose to Jasmin Walia? And where is Owais whisking Jo off to?

Catch the Series Finale of Desi Rascals 2 on Wednesday 9th September 2015 on Sky 1 at 8pm.

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