7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings

Sangeets are the quintessential Desi dance party. With all this revelry there have been some wow-worthy performances, so we show you some of the best.

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - f

Rehearsal and practice are the keys to success for this type of performance.

A sangeet is normally the ceremony whereby families unite. There’s big outfits, big hair, lots of music, laughter and dance.

The highlight of a lot of weddings, the performances have now leapfrogged far from grandmothers singing sweetly and young girls dancing shyly.

People now take this ceremony very seriously, with choreographers being consulted. Music mixes being prepped months in advance.

The expectation with these sangeets has also risen. Nobody wants to go to a sangeet to watch someone dance to, ‘Bole Chudiyaan‘ again, now do they? The answer is no.

Although it is enjoyable to view the new and interesting ways young couples choose to liven up their sangeets. It can also be overwhelming.

Everyone wants their special day, or in the case of Desis, special few days to be unique and perfect. That also includes the sangeet ceremony.

That’s why DESIblitz has compiled the seven best sangeet dance performances out there.

So if you are a young couple getting married, or a relative trying to get inspiration for your dance, we have got you covered.

Groom’s Cousins Dominate Dancefloor

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - cousins

The Groom’s female cousins started off this dance performance, with a sizzling rendition of ‘Sharara’ from the film, ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’ (2002).

This dance sequence is flawless with all girls, keeping time. The secret behind this is repetition. That simple sharara step is repeated multiple times in the song, it is easy to follow and effective.

The key to looking good while dancing is not to overcomplicate things. Not everyone is classically trained, remember to cater to the skillset of the group. You’ll only look as good as your weakest member.

Also, take note of how the men did a floorwork routine, again simple enough to learn but it’s different, something people won’t expect.

The addition of a little ham acting with dialogues from films is always a sure way to spice up a sangeet.

See this entertaining cousins dance:


Sisters Bhangra Performance goes Viral

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - sisters

These sisters literally stormed the Internet, over the shaadi season, their killer moves and synchronicity were enviable.

The two sisters danced to the popular Bhangra track ‘Jaani Tera Naa’ (2018) sung by artist Sunada Sharma.

What’s key here is they didn’t flood the dancefloor with 15 to 20 relatives hoping everyone would dance in time.

No, instead they opted to keep the number low and bring the heat to the dance floor by perfecting the steps, just the two of them.

If you are going to have multiple performances, then you can spare one to have a minimal number of performers and deliver a sensational dance. Just as these two sisters did.

Watch the sisters in action:


Family and Friends Fusion

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - family

This dance performance was choreographer very intelligently. Starting off with two high energy dancers, they selected songs that were popular classics which would be well received.

They opted for two to start and more to join later. These individuals gave their full energy and commitment.

Using all the floor space, so not to be stuck in a monotonous repetition of steps. As well as making their dance visually engaging with the movement and use of props.

But then the wider family and friends are brought into the dance, here they use spot dancing.

This is where you stand on the spot and repeat moves. Again, the key to large group choreography is repetition and ease.

They draw the bride in for a dance for the finale, the bride being the focal point, doing the more complex moves. While the extended family and friends repeat one or two of her moves in the background.

Another ingenious way of including those closest to you into the moves while delivering a flawless sangeet dance.

See all the family fun here:


Sister’s Emotional Sangeet Performance

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - sister

Looking closely at this online popular sangeet dance sequence by sisters of the bride, there appears to be limited stage space.

However, this did not stop these sisters from producing a beautiful, well choreographed and sentimental sangeet performance.

Again using the tactic of on the spot dancing they effectively used their space and kept the dance visually interesting by changing their dance group’s positions and formations on stage.

Moving from a ‘v shape’, to a straight line as well as small cluster group formations. All of which kept the audience captivated.

Never underestimate the power of props, such as the flowers used at the beginning of this dance, to give the opening a punch.

Also, don’t forget to smile and look like you’re having fun!

If the performers look like they’re having fun then those watching will automatically get into the celebratory mood also.

Watch this sweet dance here:


Bollywood Bhangra Dance Sensation

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - bollywood

A mix of Bollywood and Bhangra dancing, these girls were high energy and ready to get the crowd going.

It can be difficult to pull off a dance to a collection of fast and upbeat songs. But these girls managed to execute this quite well.

However, one of the dancers did have an issue with a piece of jewellery unravelling and causing issues for her while dancing. She is seen struggling with the item when eventually she tosses it to the side.

Highlighting the golden rule of dancing and performing, ‘the show must go on.’

As highlighted before you are only as strong as your weakest dancer. In this formation, it is clear the yellow lehenga woman is the strongest dancer.

Signposting a relative or friend who is most fluid and familiar with the steps to the other participants is always a wise move.

Think of it as a point of contact, if someone forgets a step mid-performance you need only keep this dancer in eye-line to pick up the moves.

Most dance performers do this, placing the stronger dancers at the front, for aesthetics and to aid anyone who is confused.

See this fusion performance here:


Blast from the Past

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - blast past

Starting with two strong dancers who are shaking it to a Shammi Kapoor song, you can’t really go wrong.

This sangeet performance plays on a lot of golden Bollywood classics, highlighting how a strong playlist can sometimes be the key to a great sangeet.

This dance is 10 minutes long, which at first may not seem like much.

However, when looking at the number of dances, sequences and dancers they compacted into that time. It is very impressive.

The transition between performances is seamless and there is a constant buzz of energy as they switch from one pair, to a group, to a trio, with the bride and then the parents of the couple joining.

Truly variety is the spice here. This type of sangeet dance would suit the aspirations of an ambitious Bollywood fan.

As long as you have willing relatives, you can get them involved. Though, make sure to free up an evening per week, ahead of the sangeet.

Rehearsal and practice are the keys to success for this type of performance.

Get ready to tap your feet with this:


Bride and her Bridesmaids Takeover

7 Best Sangeet Dance Performances at Desi Weddings - bride

Although this is a snappier piece it is an impactful one. From the word go, this dance sequence sets the senses alive.

The dance starts with the bride performing a very lively remix of ‘Ek Do Teen‘ followed by her bridesmaids joining for the repetition of the chorus in unison.

They then use different formations while continuing their high-energy moves. All of them smiling, singing along and truly enjoying their performance.

At one point they are in a diagonal line all dancing in perfect harmony.

It’s quality sometimes not quantity.

If you are short on time when crafting your sangeet dances, a snappy, but sensational performance will always go over better, than a long, but poorly executed one.

Watch this flawless performance here:


These are the seven best sangeet dances thus far. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, some opted for full family dances.

Others opted for smaller duo dances, for some props and dialogues helped set the atmosphere and for others, it was the song selection.

With so many options and directions to go with sangeet dance sequences, there really is no excuse to not have a thrilling and beautiful sangeet dance.

Jasneet Kaur Bagri - Jas is a Social Policy graduate. She loves to read, write and travel; gathering as much insight into the world and how it works. Her motto derives from her favourite philosopher Auguste Comte, "Ideas govern the world, or throw it into chaos."

Images courtesy of youtube

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