Asian Woman jailed for repeatedly Stalking Married Man

An Asian woman has been sentenced for stalking a married man she once had an affair with in Bradford. DESIblitz has more.

Asian Woman Jailed for Repeatedly Stalking Married Man

She also threatened to do a pregnancy test

An Asian woman has been jailed for repeatedly stalking a married man after an affair.

34-year-old Amreen Mahmood from Myers Close, Bradford has been given a 10-month sentence suspended for 2 years.

She has also been given a restraining order against the couple and a 4-month curfew. Mahmood has also been ordered to attend a 30-day rehabilitation activity.

Mahmood pleaded guilty to stalking her previous boyfriend.

Prosecutor Tim Chapstick told Bradford Crown Court of the incidents that lasted from April to September. Mahmood sent over 100 texts a day, causing distress to the married man and his partner.

Judge Jonathan Rose told Mahmood:

“Your relentless acts on this man, and on his family, caused torment and anguish, to use their own words.”

Chapstick told the court that the man had three kids with his partner. The man had been involved in a relationship with Mahmood. This lasted until December 2015.

The married man told the police of the harassment. Mahmood sent messages to his phone all day. She repeatedly followed him home and hurled abuse at him and his wife. Mahmood was given a warning not to cause any further distress to the couple in 2008.

Mahmood was given a restraining order in 2014 for racial abuse and threats.

However, the delusional ex-girlfriend could not accept the relationship had ended. She followed him to the gym, saying she was pregnant. She also threatened to do a pregnancy test in front of all the people present at the gym.

When the man tried to leave, Mahmood followed him the car. She was heard to be banging on the windows, refusing to leave until he spoke to her.

Mahmood even followed the man to his workplace. The complainant works as a doorman. Mahmood hurled abuse at him at work, and to his colleagues and customers.

Amreen visited the man’s wife at their home and told her she was pregnant. She said she had been in a long-term relationship with her husband and even showed her a baby scan picture.

The court heard that Mahmood had since suffered depression and was struggling to cope.

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