Aryan Khan ignores Ananya Panday at Screening Event

A viral video shows Aryan Khan seemingly ignoring Ananya Panday at an event but is it because Ananya confessed to having a crush on him?

Aryan Khan ignores Ananya Panday at Screening Event f

"Aryan is fine but his driver also didn't give respect."

A viral video suggests that there may be some tension between Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday after the former seemingly ignored the latter at an event.

Aryan and his sister Suhana Khan attended the screening of Madhuri Dixit’s Maja Ma.

Ananya also attended the event, however, an awkward moment between her and Aryan was captured on camera.

In the video, Ananya is seen wearing a designer lehenga choli set, keeping her shoulder-length hair open.

Meanwhile, Aryan is spotted leaving the venue.

He seemingly spots Ananya before choosing to walk past her without acknowledging her.

Although Ananya did not seem affected, the awkward moment left social media users laughing as the pair are said to be friends.

One user said: “Aryan is fine but his driver also didn’t give respect.”

Another person commented: “He ignored her.”

A third said: “Amazing insult, Aryan left after ignoring her.”

One comment read: “Lol that guy is something else.”

However, a few people believed Aryan did not see Ananya.

One netizen said: “He did not see her. He was looking elsewhere.”

However, one user believed things were not well between Aryan and Ananya, writing:

“Something is definitely wrong there… he seems too agitated with her.”

Some criticised Aryan for having a bad attitude.

One said: “If he was no son of Shah Rukh Khan, no one would have spoken to him. He doesn’t know what he thinks of himself.”

Another asked: “Why does Aryan Khan have so much attitude?”

There is speculation that the incident was over Ananya admitting that she had a crush on Aryan whilst on Koffee With Karan.

On the show, she had said: “Yeah, he is cute. I had a crush on Aryan.”

But a source claimed: “Aryan Khan is not a typical person who loves to be pally with his friends amid the media glare. He has always been a private person.

“Also, Aryan is not Ananya’s friend but Suhana Khan is and the world knows about their unbreakable bond.”

“Yes, Ananya has been childhood friends with Suhana, but she was never BFFs with Aryan, so meeting her in public didn’t make any sense, he was present at the screening for a few minutes and left early.

“Aryan Khan doesn’t like public gatherings, he loves to be real among his people and stay away from the media glare forever.”

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