WhatsApp Chat Leaks reveal Aryan & Ananya’s Drug Talks?

The Aryan Khan case continues but leaked WhatsApp chats have reportedly revealed him discussing drugs with Ananya Panday.

WhatsApp Chat Leaks reveal Aryan & Ananya's Drug Talks f

Aryan talks about buying drugs in bulk

Leaked WhatsApp chats have reportedly revealed discussions over the procurement of drugs between Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday.

Aryan and several others were arrested in early October 2021 following a raid on a cruise ship and drugs were seized by the NCB.

While no drugs were found in Aryan’s possession, it has been alleged that he is heavily involved in the supply of drugs. He is currently detained in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail.

The investigation had also seen Ananya Panday questioned. She has been questioned on two occasions and is set for a third round of questioning.

Now, WhatsApp messages have reportedly highlighted drug-related chats between Aryan and Ananya.

According to India Today, the pair discussed the procurement of drugs.

In another chat, Aryan jokingly threatened to get the NCB to take action against his friends.

The NCB is now using these message exchanges to question Aryan and Ananya.

In one message exchange, Aryan talks about buying drugs in bulk from a man named Achit Kumar. According to the messages, the 23-year-old ordered marijuana worth Rs. 80,000 (£770).

The NCB also reportedly has drug-related chats between Aryan and three other celebrity children in addition to Ananya Panday.

The NCB believe there are drug suppliers who are expanding their operations by entering the entertainment industry.

One of the chats dates back to July 2019 where Aryan and Ananya are discussing drugs.

Aryan: “Weed.”

Ananya: “It’s in demand.”

Aryan: “I will take it from you in secret.”

Ananya: “Fine.”

According to the chats, it is believed that Ananya dealt drugs to Aryan in small quantities.

A second message exchange on the same day revealed further information.

Ananya: “Now that I am in the business.”

Aryan: “You brought the weed?”

Aryan: “Ananya.”

Ananya: “I am getting it.”

NCB sources said: “The chats recovered from Aryan Khan’s mobile phone reveal that in the year 2018-19, she helped supply drugs to Aryan thrice by providing him the numbers of drug dealers.”

The NCB recovered another message exchange, dated May 18, 2021. It reportedly revealed Aryan talking to two of his friends about cocaine.

Aryan: Let’s get cocaine tomorrow.”

Aryan: “I am getting you guys f****d.”

Aryan: “By NCB.”

Ananya was set to be questioned again by the NCB on October 25, 2021, but she sought more time as she said she was feeling unwell.

When she was previously questioned, the NCB showed her chats with Aryan where the latter asked her if drug arrangements could be made.

Ananya replied to the message: “I will raise.”

When questioned about the matter, Ananya told NCB officials that she was joking with Aryan.

She denied providing drugs and claimed that she did not know that weed and ganja are the same. Ananya told officials that her friends referred to it as a joint and that she has tried it at a get-together.

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan is set to appear at Bombay High Court on October 26, 2021, for a fourth bail application hearing.

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