Apu Biswas & Shobnom Bubly aim Jibes at One Another

Bangladeshi actresses Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly took to social media and aimed sly jibes at one another.

Apu Biswas & Shobnom Bubly aim Jibes at One Another f

"a certain woman is still obsessed with me."

Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly have subtly aimed digs at one another on social media.

The matter is related to Shakib Khan, who is Apu’s ex-husband and Shobnom’s current husband.

In a recent Facebook post, Apu Biswas shared a news article about Shakib gifting Shobnom a diamond nose pin on her birthday.

The Laal Shari actress captioned the post with several laughing emojis and also mocked Shobnom with a comment that read:

“Man! This is so funny.”

Shobnom responded to the post with a sly dig of her own, claiming Apu is “obsessed” with her.

Shobnom wrote: “Someone told me that a certain woman is still obsessed with me.

“She shared a picture of me along with my husband and put it on her Facebook wall for everyone to see.

“My friend told me I should be happy as women have nothing else to do but stalk me on Facebook. Hahaha!! This is so much fun.”

Apu Biswas divorced Shakib in 2018, having been married for 10 years.

Shakib married Shobnom that same year.

Shakib Khan and Shobnom have been in the spotlight since the actress opened up about their son, Bir, on Facebook.

While Shakib Khan has hinted at their separation, Shobnom has publicly stated that everything is fine and that they are still together.

When she was asked about the recent update about their relationship, Shobnom replied:

“Ever since we introduced our son Bir to everyone socially, I have been faced with such questions time and again.

“I really don’t have anything to say on this matter anymore.

“This matter will not only affect me, it will also affect my son as well. My husband, Shakib Khan, is an important part of our family.

“Currently, whatever he is saying right now is out of anger over the sudden controversy regarding the whole situation.”

“However, Shakib Khan is my colleague, husband, and father of my child.

“So I don’t want to say anything that disrespects him. I really respect him a lot, and mutual respect is significant for a good relationship.”

A day after Shobnom’s birthday, she posted:

“The place where we are standing is the bedroom of Emperor Shahjahan and Momtaz.

“After marriage, both of us were very busy shooting, but in the meantime, he took me to see the Taj Mahal, the biggest symbol of love in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, for a very short time. This is one of my favourite pictures.”

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