Goher Mumtaz & Farhan Saeed aim ‘Jibes’ at Each Other

After Goher Mumtaz’s viral interview, Farhan Saeed posted an Instagram video, appearing to aim a jibe back.

“My Average Life! I love you all.”

Former bandmates Farhan Saeed and Goher Mumtaz are once again in the public eye but for all the wrong reasons.

Both seem to be throwing shade at one another and using social media as the battlefield for their conflict.

The controversy started after an interview by Goher went viral.

During the interview, he discussed his band Jal and the reasons for the band’s split.

Goher revealed that Farhan Saeed’s departure from Jal stemmed from his aspiration to be like Atif Aslam but emphasised that no one could replicate Atif’s journey.

He said: “Farhan Saeed wanted to be Atif Aslam by going to Bollywood and all that stuff.

“I used to tell him that ‘you know… he’s Atif Aslam’. He got the songs that made him popular at the right time.”

Expressing his feelings, Goher Mumtaz admitted he felt hurt by Farhan’s decision as he had invested a lot of time to turn an “average singer” into a hitmaker.

Appearing to fire back at Goher’s comments, Farhan Saeed shared a compilation of his concerts all over Pakistan.

Fans were seen enjoying his music.

His caption appeared to be a sarcastic jibe at Goher:

“My Average Life! I love you all.”


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A post shared by Farhan Saeed (@farhan_saeed)

The back-and-forth between the former band members continued as Goher took to his Instagram Story.

Tagging Farhan, Goher Mumtaz wrote:

“So my brother Farhan Saeed posted this clip with a great caption.

“You are a younger brother… but still… I have to tell you. I respect you as a friend and brother.”

He went on to clarify his comments: “I say things in all honesty and on a lighter note in an interview when asked that why always a ‘vocalist’ leave a band as you.

“You were hired in Jal the band to sing Aadat as a replacement… at that time you were not confident, out of tune to sing Aadat… nothing more than that…”

Criticising Farhan’s post, Goher continued:

“Also thanks for you have uploaded to show off. The PGC crowd…”

He then aimed another dig at his singing:

“BUT somebody should tell you before posting this video on your page that you are still out of tune in these clips.

“Love you and your fans too.”

Goher Mumtaz & Farhan Saeed aims Jibes at Each Other

Goher Mumtaz reminded him of the chance that he gave him along with the fact that he was previously underconfident.

Farhan Saeed has yet to openly comment on anything related to the whole social media fiasco.

Netizens are eagerly waiting to hear his stance on Goher Mumtaz’s statements and the whole controversy between him and Jal.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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