Goher Mumtaz says Farhan Saeed was an ‘Average Singer’

Whilst discussing Jal and the reasons for its breakup, Goher Mumtaz said Farhan Saeed was an “average singer”.

Goher Mumtaz says Farhan Saeed was 'Average' f

“Farhan Saeed wanted to be Atif Aslam"

Goher Mumtaz recently appeared as a guest on the Freebisd Music Entertainment YouTube channel.

The founding member of the rock band Jal delved into his musical journey and shed light on the multiple reasons for the band’s breakup.

In the interview, he recalled meeting Farhan Saeed through a mutual friend after Atif Aslam’s departure.

According to Goher, Farhan’s role in the band was negligible and unnecessary since Goher himself was the vocalist.

They did not need Farhan since they already had a vocalist.

He shared that he had to put a considerable amount of effort into establishing Farhan with the audience.

He claims Farhan initially lacked confidence while singing the band’s old album songs.

To boost Farhan’s confidence, Goher went the extra mile, composing several songs specifically for him.

This process was crucial in helping Farhan find his footing and connect with the audience.

Goher then revealed that Farhan Saeed’s departure from Jal stemmed from his aspiration to be like Atif Aslam but emphasised that no one could replicate Atif’s journey.

He said: “Farhan Saeed wanted to be Atif Aslam by going to Bollywood and all that stuff.

“I used to tell him that ‘you know… he’s Atif Aslam’. He got the songs that made him popular at the right time.” 

Expressing his feelings, Goher Mumtaz admitted he felt hurt by Farhan’s decision as he had invested a lot of time to turn an “average singer” into a hitmaker.  

Farhan Saeed’s fans were enraged upon hearing Goher’s statements.

One user said: “And who are you even? No one even knows your name today.”

Another claimed: “That’s the reason people have forgotten you and both of them are still producing bangers.”

One wrote: “The only good part about Jal were its vocalists Atif and Farhan.

“Farhan’s career is way better than yours so stop talking about your ex-bandmates in a derogatory manner.”

Another commented: “Farhan worked hard. Had you don’t the same maybe you would be successful.

“But instead, you’re sitting on YouTube talking bad about him.”

Jal holds an exceptionally significant place in Pakistan’s music history.

They are celebrated for their timeless music and marked by notable breakups and controversies among its members.

The first split occurred when Atif Aslam embarked on a solo career.

This was then followed by another breakup when Farhan Saeed went on his solo journey.

Interestingly, their musical legacy and internal conflicts ensure that Jal’s name is tied to both outstanding music and enduring internal struggles.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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