Indians Slap and Fight each other on Plane

In a shocking video that has circulated online, several Indian people were seen slapping and fighting with each other on a plane.

Indians Slap and Fight each other on Plane f

The passengers then began hitting the man

A video has circulated online, showing several Indian people fighting on a plane.

The incident happened on December 26, 2022, on a Thai Smile Airways flight from Bangkok to Kolkata.

The video showed a passenger in a brown shirt speaking to an air hostess. A short while later, other passengers approached the man and began speaking to him.

It soon escalated into an argument.

Meanwhile, other passengers sitting in their seats looked.

The passengers then began hitting the man, grabbing him and slapping him.

Other passengers and staff members intervened in an attempt to calm the situation down.

The video went viral and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) subsequently initiated an inquiry.

BCAS Director-General Zulfiqar Hasan said:

“BCAS has taken cognisance of the video. We have started inquiring and further action will be taken depending on the inquiry outcome.”

Meanwhile, a man named Alok Kumar was on the plane and revealed what led to the fight.

He said a disagreement began after the staff asked passengers to adjust their seats to the upright position before take-off, a standard safety procedure.

However, the man dressed in brown refused to do so, saying he had a backache.

According to Alok, the passenger was “rude to the next level”.

Two flight attendants tried “pleading” with the man to follow their instructions but he continued to refuse.

Fellow passengers intervened, telling the man to listen, with one reportedly asking him:

“Are you travelling for the first time?”

Other passengers came from the back of the plane to speak to the man. At this point, things escalated.

According to Alok, around four men began hitting the man in brown, saying they were “provoked” by him.

He said that the man in brown was getting ready to punch the man in grey, but when the former’s friends joined in, he could not fight back.

Initially, social media users sided with the man dressed in brown.

However, Alok said that in reality, the man was to blame for the fight.

He went on to say that the man should have been removed from the plane.

After the situation calmed down, Alok said the man continued to complain and refused to follow the rules. Before the plane arrived in Kolkata, the man removed his seatbelt and was “rude to others”.

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