Amir Khan issues Warning to ‘Arrogant’ Hamzah Sheeraz

Amir Khan has issued a warning to “arrogant” prospect Hamzah Sheeraz, who he believes is badmouthing him behind his back.

Amir Khan issues Warning to 'Arrogant' Hamzah Sheeraz f

"you’ve got a kid who just disrespects you?"

Amir Khan sent a warning to an undefeated boxer who he believes is badmouthing him behind his back.

Khan retired from boxing earlier in 2022 after being defeated by his rival Kell Brook in February 2022.

He is one of the most recognisable British fighters of all time but has been riled up by young prospect Hamzah Sheeraz, who he believes is disrespecting him.

Sheeraz is a promising 17-0 middleweight fighter and is highly regarded after racking up 13 knockouts in his fledgling career.

But he has been accused of disrespecting Amir Khan, despite the fact that Sheeraz works with Khan’s uncle Taz Khan.

Khan said: “You know when you’ve got a kid who just disrespects you?

“Whatever you say, whatever you do, talks s*** about you behind your back.

“I’m not into all that. I’m here to support all the young fighters. Every fighter, being Asian especially.

“But for an Asian fighter to talk s*** about you all the time, and I’m like ‘wait a minute, why talk s*** about me for?’

“I’m always supporting our Asian brothers, and there’s one out of all of them. It’s sad to see that.

“Even though my uncle works with him now, I don’t know, man. I’m a bit confused.

“I’ve opened so many doors for them. My uncle had no clue about boxing, I’m the one who got him to America, got him to meet the likes of Freddie Roach, and the respect he’s got in boxing is because of me. But these people forget that.”

Khan does not believe Sheeraz would disrespect him in person but warned the prospect that he will not hesitate to settle their feud the old-fashioned way.

He continued:

“They never want to sit down with you and say it to your face because they know.”

“I just feel sad. That’s the sad part about boxing.

“When you retire from the sport of boxing, you see the people who are with you and who are not with you, and the people then start talking s***.

“As soon as I said ‘I’m retired’ people like these Hamzah Sheeraz’s come out the woodwork and started talking s***.

“I’m like, ‘who the f*** are you? Bro, I’m still a man. I’m not retired from everything in life, I will stick it on you if I have to.”

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