Ahmad Ali Butt faces Backlash over Offensive Questions

Humayun Saeed was a guest on Ahmad Ali Butt’s podcast. However, the latter received criticism for the questions he asked.

Ahmad Ali Butt faces Backlash over Offensive Questions f

“Then do you kiss like this?”

Humayun Saeed was recently featured as a guest on Ahmad Ali Butt’s podcast.

It has since garnered significant attention and made headlines for an unexpected reason.

During the podcast, Ahmad Ali Butt posed an unusual and somewhat controversial question.

Ahmad inquired about a specific kissing scene from the popular series The Crown, in which Saeed plays Princess Diana’s ex-lover Dr Hasnat Khan.

Laughing, Ahmad asked: “Did you practice for the kissing scene in The Crown?”

The question took Humayun Saeed by surprise.

However, he responded with composure. He remained silent for a while and then said:

“Practice? You call that a kiss?”

Ahmad then asked: “Then do you kiss like this?”

He then moved his tongue around.

Humayun Saeed explained that the scene was purely an act performed in front of a green screen.

It was merely crafted to appear like a kissing scene.

The question and its implications stirred significant controversy on social media.

Many users expressed their displeasure at Ahmad Ali Butt’s line of inquiry and his disrespectful gesture as he asked the question.

Critics felt that the question was inappropriate and put Humayun in an uncomfortable position.

Some fans even suggested that the question visibly angered Saeed.

The backlash against Ahmad has been severe, with many accusing him of lacking decorum in his podcast interviews.

One user wrote: “These YouTubers and podcasters have sacrificed their values for content and profit.”

Another added: “It’s disappointing to see Ahmad Ali Butt stoop to such low standards. He needs to learn the importance of maintaining professionalism.”

One said: “Asking such a tasteless question reflects poorly on Ahmad Ali Butt.

“He should focus on meaningful content rather than cheap thrills.”

Another commented: “You can tell how desperate Ahmad Ali Butt is.

“He wants to ask such inappropriate details for his own amusement. I still haven’t forgotten what he texted to Maha Ali Kazmi. Shameless man.”

One remarked:

“He has been living in such filth for so long that such inappropriate questions and behaviour seem okay to him.”

Another stated: “Humayun should not have agreed to do a podcast with him.”

One said: “Just looking at his face makes me feel weird. He gives a very off energy that makes one uncomfortable.”

Another questioned: “Shamelessness in the name of humour? Only in Pakistan ironically.”


Ayesha is our South Asia correspondent who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible".

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