Aditya Narayan responds to ‘Indian Idol 12’ Trolls

‘Indian Idol 12’ has been subjected to brutal trolling. Now its host, Aditya Narayan, has responded to the comments.

Aditya Narayan responds to 'Indian Idol 12' Trolls f

"the best collection of contestants on a reality show."

Aditya Narayan has commented on the trolling being inflicted on Indian Idol 12.

The singing show has seen a number of controversial moments which started during a special tribute episode to iconic singer Kishore Kumar.

His son, Amit Kumar, appeared as a guest.

However, he was not impressed, later admitting that he “wanted to stop the episode”. Amit also revealed that the makers told him to praise every contestant irrespective of their performance.

The controversy heightened when Aditya aimed a dig at Amit Kumar during an episode.

In the episode, Aditya asked the guests, Kumar Sanu, Anuradha Paudwal and Roop Kumar Rathod, if their praise was genuine or if the makers asked them for it.

Aditya had asked: “Was it honest praise or did the Indian Idol team asked you to do it?”

Kumar Sanu responded: “They are really great singers and performed amazingly.

“All of them could pass off as playback singers right now. I have never seen so many talented people on one reality show.

“Each one of them is a heera (diamond).”

Anuradha Paudwal added: “I found the contestants very talented and there was nothing controversial about it.

“If people are questioning their talent, I am surprised.”

Viewers were not happy, slamming Aditya for his remarks.

Aditya Narayan has now commented on the backlash Indian Idol 12 has received, admitting he is not fazed by it.

He said: “To all those who are trolling and lashing out at me I say, Shashtaang Pranaam to all and God bless you.

“I feel like that cheetah who wouldn’t move to prove he’s the fastest in a dog race.

“Sometimes trying to prove your point is an insult to your own intelligence and experience.

“This is how I feel while defending arguably the best collection of contestants on a reality show.

Indian Idol is the no.1 reality show for 26 weeks running. Do I need to defend it?”

The show has also seen contestants like Shanmukhapriya criticised for her singing.

After her performance of ‘Humko Sirf Tumse Pyaar Hai’, netizens said she ruined the song and called for her to be eliminated.

On the contestants being trolled, Aditya said it was good practice for them.

He said:

“They are getting to know the harsh reality of the world outside the reality show.”

“As their fans grow, so will the critics. It is inevitable.”

Aditya Narayan had previously claimed that people were taking their anger out on the show because the IPL was cancelled.

He had said: “The IPL ended a couple of weeks ago. They are venting their anger at us.”

Aditya also claimed that it was mostly the younger generation who were angry.

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