8 Female Indian Street Artists who are Taking Over

Explore the vibrant narratives of these female street artists who are transforming urban landscapes and shaping societal change.

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

They deliver hard-hitting messages that resonate

Embark on a visual journey through the world of visual art with some of the most remarkable Indian street artists.

From the bustling streets of Chennai to the cultural melting pot of Berlin, these women are breaking boundaries with their artistic brilliance.

This is especially seen in the symphony of colours and expressions that adorn India’s streets.

Here, some artists contribute unique notes, creating masterpieces that reflect the nation’s diversity, resilience, and creativity.

However, some other Indian women are turning urban landscapes into canvases on an international scale. 

Therefore, it’s only right to explore these top trailblazing street artists and dive into their groundbreaking talents. 

Poornima Sukumar

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Poornima Sukumaris the visionary behind the transformative Bengaluru-based Aravani Art Project.

This accomplished artist holds a degree in painting from Chitrakala Parishad in Bengaluru, showcasing her dedication to the craft.

Her artistic endeavours extend beyond borders – she has lent her talent to international wall art projects, earning her recognition on a global stage.

In July 2016, Poornima received a prestigious invitation to present the Aravani Art Project at the Global Youth Forum.

Here, she served as a panellist for an LGBTQIA+ discussion hosted by the World Bank in Washington DC.

Her advocacy and artistic prowess converge in this initiative that brings together artists and civilians across the gender spectrum.

As a muralist, community artist, and illustrator, Poornima employs wall painting as a powerful tool for community engagement.

The Aravani Art Project acts as a beacon of inclusivity, providing a haven for LGBTQ+ individuals to express themselves through art.

The initiative has completed over 20 projects across red-light areas, ghettos, and slums in approximately 30 Indian cities.

Poornima’s portfolio boasts diverse projects, from painting a library with rag-picker children to collaborating with the daughters of sex workers in Mumbai.

In Nepal, she painted a wall with children orphaned by the 2015 earthquake, showcasing the universal impact of her art.

A TEDx speaker, Poornima, alongside Shanthi Sonu, extends her advocacy through awareness and sensitisation seminars to companies across India.

Anpu Varkey

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Anpu, a passionate colourist, translates her artistic vision into vibrant abstractions within representational forms.

Her paintings, spanning portraits, situations, environments, fantasies, and murals, inhabit a unique space that balances morbid undertones with a serene aura.

For over 10 years, she has immersed herself in the world of art, expressing a commitment to paint until her last breath.

Influenced by elements like clouds, barren landscapes, heights, and the concept of time travel, Anpu transforms mundane narratives into surreal compositions.

Anpu’s creative journey took her to Bremen, Germany, from 2009 to 2011, where she became a part of the local sub-cultural space.

Here, she engaged in artwork for the ZCKR label’s vinyl releases, collaborating with those from diverse backgrounds such as graffiti, techno music, theatre, and juggling.

Now rooted in Delhi, Anpu kicked off her career there with the Extension Khirkee Street Art Festival in 2012, marking the inception of her mural art.

Since then, she has painted murals across India, including the Shillong Street Art Festival and the Rishikesh Street Art Festival.

Notably, Anpu assisted German artist Hendrik Beikirch on the Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi.

An explorer at heart, Anpu has travelled across the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Romania, and Austria.

Fluent in English and confident in Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and German, she brings a multicultural perspective to her art.

Shilo Shiv Suleman

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Shilo Shiv Suleman is one of the most revered street artists on the scene.

She is celebrated not only for her artistic prowess but also for her unyielding commitment to feminism.

Hailing from Bengaluru, Shilo is a trailblazing artist whose creations serve as a powerful reflection of her staunch advocacy for gender equality.

In her eyes, India beckons for more women street artists, a belief intricately woven into the fabric of her compelling artworks.

An award-winning visual artist, Shilo specialises in the convergence of magical realism, social change, and technology.

Her career has been marked by collaborations with diverse communities, reclaiming public spaces worldwide.

Amidst a historical backdrop where women’s bodies have often been objectified or portrayed through the lens of male muses, Shilo embarked on her groundbreaking project, Fearless.

This initiative empowers women to assert control over the representation of their bodies.

Fearless has catalysed the creation of radical murals across the globe.

From the streets of Beirut, where two gay men embrace to poignant portrayals of Syrian refugees in Syria, Shilo’s art tackles gender inequality and sexual violence. 

Additionally, through Fearless, Shilo curated murals that explored the nuances of female desire in Lucknow.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, her illustrations paid homage to the lives and labour of women working as waste-pickers.

One of her most renowned murals, located in Jaipur, has become a vibrant celebration of the queer community.

Leena Kejriwal

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Leena Kejriwal is a Mumbai and Kolkata-based photographer and social artist, recognised as a brand ambassador for Fuji India.

Her journey began after college, where she pursued diploma courses in advertising and photography, laying the groundwork for her impactful project, Missing.

This initiative goes beyond conventional art, serving as a potent campaign against sex trafficking and slavery.

Under the Missing project, Leena’s street stencil art has impacted multiple Indian cities. 

Her innovative approach involves actively engaging the public with art and interactive technology, positioning ‘The Missing Project’ as a groundbreaking force against trafficking.

Leena Kejriwal’s impact extends globally, earning her accolades like the Her Story Woman On a Mission Award (2019) and the mBillionth award for the Missing Game (2018).

Her contributions resonate in international game conferences, including the Game for Change Conference and The South Korean Game Developers Conference.

Jheel Goradia

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Jheel Goradia is one of the most dynamic female street artists.

She seamlessly blends digital art with street art, crafting characters digitally before bringing them to life on the walls of Mumbai and beyond.

A staunch advocate for gender equality, Jheel challenges stereotypes with her expressive and impactful artworks.

In her quest to reshape public perceptions, she employs wheat gum to paste her digital creations, creating a visual language that speaks directly to her target audience.

During her final year at college, she created the Breaking the Silence project.

This was a symbol of her commitment to eradicating the negative effects of objectification, pop culture, and Bollywood on Indian society.

Jheel’s pieces are not just visually striking; they are emotive, straightforward, and provocatively cheeky.

They deliver hard-hitting messages that resonate with everyone, even with the ones who don’t agree with her.

Breaking the Silence transcends traditional boundaries, addressing critical issues affecting the lives of women in India, from gender inequality and domestic violence to eve-teasing and harassment.

What sets Jheel apart is her innovative use of popular characters from Hindi cinema to shed light on the pervasive stereotyping of women in films.

As a gifted artist, she strives to amplify the voices of Indian women who may not have had the opportunity to speak for themselves. 

Jas Charanjiva

Jas Charanjiva is one of the more widely known street artists.

Born in the UK and raised in Toronto and San Francisco, Jas now resides in Mumbai.

She channels her passion for addressing social issues through her art.

In a country where littering is prevalent due to the lack of public garbage cans, Jas throws up unauthorised art, challenging the norms.

Defiant in her approach, she believes in the power of street art to provoke change.

Her most renowned creation, “Don’t Mess With Me” (commonly referred to as The Pink Lady), gained prominence after the tragic December 2012 gang rape incident in Delhi.

Responding to the national outcry and the collective demand for change, Jas crafted The Pink Lady as a symbol of courage and transformation for women both within and outside India.

As an artist unafraid to challenge authority, Jas Charanjiva continues to make impactful statements with her art on the streets.

Stay tuned for more compelling works featuring The Pink Lady.

Karma Sirikogar

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Karma Sirikogar is a polymathic artist, graphic design virtuoso, and esteemed university lecturer.

Born in the dynamic city of Singapore, Karma, with Thai nationality and Indian ethnicity, brings a unique cultural fusion to the canvas of her life.

Having honed her skills by studying in Australia and India, Karma’s art seamlessly spans both analogue and digital domains.

Originally starting as a graphic designer, Karma later transitioned into the realm of contemporary art.

Here, she carved out a distinctive visual language described as abstract-surrealist, psychedelic, spiritual, and explosively feminine.

With an impressive portfolio boasting over 40 art exhibitions and collaborations with global brands like Vodafone, Freitag, and New Balance, her trajectory is extraordinary.

Her current excitement lies in the convergence of digital and traditional media, promising new dimensions to his already captivating artistic narrative.

Kajal Singh (Dizy)

8 Female Indian Artists taking Over the Streets

Kajal Singh is an Indian artist thriving in the vibrant streets of Berlin.

A language student, hip-hop dancer, beauty and fitness vlogger, and one of India’s pioneering female graffiti artists, she goes by the moniker Dizy.

Kajal’s art embodies the timeless “old school” block-lettered style from 80s New York.

Known for her distinctive block letters and whimsical characters, Dizy’s signature style has graced walls in India and Germany.

Notable collaborations include a wall for an Indo-German Urban art project and partnering with Nike to champion women in sports.

Being an underground queen when it comes to graffiti art, Dizy has left her mark on multiple European cities. 

As a trailblazer and one of India’s first female street artists, her evolution serves as an inspiration to future women looking to shine in this space.

As we navigate through the stories of these visionaries, it becomes evident that street art is more than just graffiti on walls – it’s a form of dialogue.

These female street artists invite us to witness the intersection of art, culture, and activism.

In their creations, we find a collective expression of identity, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the transformative power of art in the public domain. 

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Instagram.

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