Indian Singles UK is taking over the Asian Dating Scene

Indian Singles UK is the answer to all of your online dating needs. A bespoke, luxury service, this exclusive network is taking over the UK Asian dating scene.

Indian Singles UK is taking over the Asian Dating Scene

“Indian Singles UK has created an all-encompassing platform for the busy singleton"

Are you an Indian living in the UK and looking for that partner who has that special appeal?

Are you fed up of trying Indian dating sites and apps or friends and family setting up fruitless dates and meetings?

Then it is time to try Indian Singles UK (https://www.indiansinglesuk. com).

Indian Singles UK is the nation’s leading Asian Dating and Events Network dedicated to helping you find you that perfect match.

Whether you are a single Asian man or woman struggling to find a life partner then Indian Singles UK has the experience to help.

With cultural differences within the Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindu and Sikh communities, it is important for a dating service to be familiar with all of these and act as the enabler to help you meet the ideal prospect.

Why Choose Indian Singles UK?

Indian Singles UK is taking over the Asian Dating Scene

Indian Singles UK focuses on every individual rather than a demographic.

Every member is important no matter what his or her preferences and needs are when looking for the person, to join their life journey.

With mobile apps and personal match making services, Indian Singles UK is an exclusive network aimed towards young professionals.

It offers a bespoke service that ensures you are ready to mingle and supports you all the way to try and help you find a suitable partner.

The Indian Singles UK, CMO, Reena Gupta says:

“Indian Singles UK has created an all-encompassing platform for the busy singleton.

“So many single people now have the opportunity to find potential partners by such a convenient filtering process on online dating websites and apps.

“For those city professional types who really value their time, the online dating industry really is a godsend. I know, because I used to work in the square mile before joining Indian Singles UK myself!”

With its HQ in London, the company is expanding across the UK as it grows.

Indian Singles UK is far more than your average dating service.

Dedicated Website and Apps

Indian Singles UK is taking over the Asian Dating Scene

The Indian Singles UK website and mobile apps: are a dedicated portals, designed to give its members a very special online experience.

Most importantly, it is FREE to register. Not costing you anything to join the network to seek that someone special.

The website and apps are maintained at a high standard with a vetting service of new members.

Therefore, ensuring that new people joining match the criteria of the dating site and just because it is free, it does not mean anyone can just join.

The mobiles app is available both on Apple and Android platforms and provides a very user-friendly interface to allow you to meet and communicate with new people at your own convenience and pace.

The apps provide a service on the move. The slick and simple design allows you to communicate with potential dates and partners with a tap of the smart phone screen.

Bespoke Asian Matchmaking Service

Matchmaking has taken place for centuries, especially in Asian cultures.

However, today, the requirements for matchmaking have evolved tremendously.

This bespoke matchmaking service has been developed by the team at Indian Singles UK to help tailor to the exact and different needs of their professional clients.

The aim of the service is to help you create a profile that shows off your best qualities and attributes and attracts the right kind of potential dates.

The service organises dates for you based on your specific preferences.

Social Asian Speed Dating Events

Indian Singles UK is taking over the Asian Dating Scene

Events are a fantastic way to meet new people.

They bring us together for creative interaction, celebration, pleasure, fun and social cohesion.

According to scientist Dr. Susan Greenfield, events can hugely help our communication which ‘is a multi-faceted, interactive process that uses body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and other cues to process the content and intent of the interaction.’

In dating, Indian Singles UK have discovered, they play a key role to help people get to know others at so many different levels.

Therefore, giving you much more opportunity to choose the ‘type’ that is best suited to you.

Indian Singles UK organises regular events such as meals, mingle nights, bungee jumping, and many more bucket list events to bring members and non-members together.

Check out the events portal at

Member Priya says:

“I love the fact that all the Indian Single UK events I have been to have been items on my own personal bucket list. I’ve attended everything from indoor skiing to pizza cooking classes.

“I think fun and exciting events bring out a side of people that you wouldn’t get to see just over a drink in a bar and at the end that’s what this is all about right – getting to know what you and your potential partner have in common.”

Some of these are targeted at specific age groups to ensure compatibility is a priority.

Boutique Shop

How can you have dating without gifts and presents?

A unique offering from Indian Singles UK to its members is the Boutique Shop.

Providing a choice of gifts and presents related to dating.

The shop gives you the chance to buy that something special for someone you are aiming to charm and delight.

Asian Dating Concierge Service

Dating can be an anxious experience for many so organising a date, deciding where to meet, where to eat can all be demanding of you, when all you want to do is focus on the date.

Well, Indian Singles UK offers a helping hand with its special Asian Dating Concierge Service.

This service guides you with suggestions as to where to meet for your date and can even make restaurant reservations for you.

So you can enjoy on your date with the planning done for you to help it go smoothly.

Member Kartik says:

“Indian Singles UK’s online shop and dating concierge service has saved me from dating doom on many an occasion. I am the last minute type of lad when it comes to gifts and reservations.

“The fact that I can just call in and have reservations to popular restaurants or activities booked for me saves me so much time.

“Also it puts me at ease that these places have been tried, tested and recommended by other couples on a date!”

As a dating service Indian Singles UK is primarily targeting those of Indian origin but it is not limited to this demographic, the service is open to Asians of any background who are single and ready to date.

Despite the use of technology, dating is always about people and how people connect.

Indian Singles UK likes to keep it real and the plethora of dating events are organised so that it is easy for you to meet singletons in your local area on a regular basis.

So, if you are at that stage and keen to find someone special, give Indian Singles UK a chance to help you locate and connect with others exactly at the same stage in life as you.

Besides, with very little to lose, you will have lots to gain if you find that he or she that makes you feel complete, by finding them on Indian Singles UK.

Aisha is an editor and a creative writer. Her passions include music, theatre, art and reading. Her motto is “Life is too short, so eat dessert first!”

Images courtesy of Indian Singles UK

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