Violent Man jailed for Beating Ex-Partner at her Home

A violent bully has received a prison sentence after he turned up at his ex-partner’s house in Bury and subjected her to a brutal beating.

Violent Man jailed for Beating Ex-Partner at her Home f

they could hear "screaming"

Sohail Ahmed, aged 26, of no fixed address, was jailed for 30 months for beating his ex-partner at her home.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard that he had been serving a six-week sentence for breaching a domestic violence order.

On the day of his release, he turned up at the victim’s house in Bury.

Ahmed was drunk and holding a bag with a bottle of vodka in it. He was said to be “fluctuating between ranting and raving and being affectionate”.

Prosecutor Neil Fryman said that sometime later, Ahmed struck the victim with his fist and the palm of his hand.

A neighbour had witnessed the attack and called the police.

Mr Fryman said that when officers arrived, they could hear “screaming and the sound of smashing objects”.

One concerned officer tried to break down the door. Through the window, police could see the victim was half-dressed, screaming for help.

During the beating, Ahmed threw a hi-fi speaker, which hit the victim in the head and caused a large cut.

The woman then threw the keys through an open window to the police. Officers entered the house and arrested Ahmed.

She was taken to Fairfield hospital where she was said to be “covered in bruises”.

There had been a long history of domestic violence between the pair and heard the “vulnerable” victim suffered from a “range of physical and psychological issues”.

After his arrested, Ahmed, formerly of Rochdale, contacted his ex-partner and made further threats.

Ahmed pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm.

He has 23 previous convictions and has previously served “significant sentences” for actual bodily harm and conspiracy to supply heroin.

Eugene Hickey, defending, said: “He maintains that the speaker was not intentionally thrown to connect with her, but he admits it was extremely reckless.

“He was of no fixed abode, he had no place to go.

“It was a recipe for disaster for him to go to the one address where he knew there might be someplace for him to go.

“It’s not been an easy relationship for both of them. That works both ways. It’s clearly been a problematic relationship.

“It was unfortunate there was no other address for him to go to, but obviously things degenerated and he accepts that and feels sorry.”

Judge Tina Landale told Ahmed:

“On December 18 you were released from prison on licence. You went to the home of your former partner in breach of a domestic violence order. You had breached that order twice before.

“You couldn’t care less about the court orders or your ex-partner.

“Even when police arrived you continued to be aggressive and made threats against her.”

“She suffered injuries which meant she had to go to hospital.

“The only real mitigation you have is your plea which spared [the victim] from giving evidence, which would have been an ordeal.”

Manchester Evening News reported that Ahmed was jailed for 30 months and given a restraining order.

After he was sentenced, Ahmed launched an explicit outburst.

He shouted “f*** off” repeatedly and “30 f****** months for what?”

Ahmed now faces a contempt of court charge for what Judge Tina Landale described as the “misogynistic abuse levelled at this court”.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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