Three Men jailed after £1.7 million worth of Cocaine Found

Three men have been jailed as part of a drug operation where cocaine with a value of up to £1.7 million was seized.

Three Men jailed after £1.7 million worth of Cocaine Found f

a "trusted warehouser of large amounts of cocaine"

Three men have been jailed for a total of 21 years after cocaine worth up to £1.7 million was seized.

Bradford Crown Court heard that on September 3, 2020, police spotted a blue Saab parked in Clipstone Street, Bradford.

Sahim Kazi was seen walking from his house to the vehicle, carrying a black bin bag, which he put into the car.

Mohammed Javeed moved items into the boot of the car and drove off.

Officers followed Javeed to Overpark Avenue, Leicester, where he met David McGoldrick, who was carrying a black rucksack and got into the car.

They drove to an address in Hamelin Road, Leicester, and McGoldrick exited the vehicle.

Police found McGoldrick in possession of two-kilogram blocks of cocaine, with a value of between £64,000 and £200,000.

If divided into one gram street deals, they would be worth £200,000. The blocks had the Italian flag on them.

The Saab was searched and a further two kilos of cocaine were found, with a value of between £64,000 and £197,000. Officers also found £250 in cash.

Javeed and McGoldrick were then arrested.

Police searched Kazi’s home and he was arrested.

Officers found 15 blocks of cocaine, each weighing one kilo. Weighing scales were also found.

A black Volkswagen Golf, parked near the property that was hired by Kazi, was searched and officers found a Rolex watch, believed to be fake, disposable gloves and a quantity of cannabis.

Peter Hampton, prosecuting, said Kazi was a “trusted warehouser of large amounts of cocaine”, while Javeed and McGoldrick were “trusted couriers” in the operation.

The three men pleaded guilty to possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply.

Javeed was previously jailed for 30 months for possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

McGoldrick served a three-year jail sentence in 2012 for possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

Kazi had no previous convictions but had hired a car in the past which he was uninsured to drive and was damaged, leaving him with a £100,000 repair bill.

This led to him getting involved in the drugs operation.

Ajaz Qazi, for Kazi, said: “This was his incentive to pay off his debt; to become involved in that enterprise gave him two options; pay the money or become involved in this criminality.

“He was out of his depth, under pressure and succumbed to being involved in this serious criminality.”

Mr Qazi added that the “remorse is genuine and deep-seated” in Kazi.

Javeed got involved in the operation as he looked to pay off a £4,000 drugs debt.

He became addicted to cocaine earlier in his 20s after first taking cannabis. He made ‘real efforts’ to stop taking cocaine, but he had returned to the drug just before this incident.

Sameen Ahktar, for McGoldrick, said he was unemployed at the time of the incident and was “the architect of his own downfall”.

Sahim Kazi, aged 29, of Bradford, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

Mohammed Javeed, aged 29, of Leeds, was jailed for seven years.

David McGoldrick, aged 37, of Leicester, was jailed for six-and-a-half years.

All three men will serve half of their sentences in prison. They will serve the remainder on licence.

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