The Best Songs from ‘Ms Marvel’

‘Ms Marvel’ has concluded and it was praised for its diverse soundtrack. Here are some of the best songs that were heard on the show.

The Best Songs from Ms Marvel f

The song served as the perfect intro music for Kamala Khan

The Disney+ miniseries Ms Marvel has come to an end and it has left viewers with a lot to discuss.

Each episode was packed with pop culture references, with most striking a chord with South Asian viewers.

This was the same with the soundtrack as they presented a diverse mix of homegrown Pakistani and Indian hits along with songs from South Asian-origin Western artists.

From Riz Ahmed to 1960s films, the soundtrack is one of the most original compilations seen in an MCU offering.

Each song throughout the series is undeniably worth a second listen, but here are a few of the best songs throughout Ms Marvel.

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd


‘Blinding Lights’ is arguably one of The Weeknd’s most playable tracks and for good reason.

The song served as the perfect intro music for Kamala Khan, whether it be in the trailer or in the early moments of the first episode.

Backed by Max Martin’s 1980s synth-inspired production, the song’s upbeat tone offers hope to viewers right from the beginning.

Given the show’s obsession with notions of light, it is only fitting for Ms Marvel to be fronted with a track titled ‘Blinding Lights’.

Deal With It – Riz Ahmed


From his 2020 album The Long Goodbye, Riz Ahmed’s ‘Deal With It’ is a bold song of self-proclamation in times of crisis.

The song plays in the first episode when Kamala walks into school and her fellow students are ignorant of her identity.

She is yet to gain the confidence that her superpowers will eventually give her and she is the subject of a lot of ridicule, both from teachers and students.

All that changes at the end but the scene is a brilliant nod to the musical side of British actor Riz Ahmed.

Pasoori – Ali Sethi & Shae Gill


The fourth episode was filled with many Pakistani songs ranging from old ghazals to modern hits such as ‘Pasoori’ by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill.

The song comes from Coke Studio and it details two lovers coping with distance.

Although the song plays during one of the lighter moments, the lyrics foreshadow the final scene.

Kamala gets teleported back to the tragic past of the 1947 Partition. As Pakistan was carved out of India, communal riots and chaos ensued with each country’s communities being plagued with a sense of separation.

‘Pasoori’ presents an example of the shared admiration within the South Asian diaspora, despite the history each nation shares.

Come Around – MIA & Timbaland


Timbaland is one of the most influential producers and so many of his projects still hold up to this day, particularly his collaboration with MIA.

Their track ‘Come Around’ makes a brief appearance in episode two as Kamala and Nakia rush to make it to the mosque on time.

‘Come Around’ is a fun throwback to the genre-melding evolution of the noughties.

MIA’s second album Kala was a truly formative record for so many, and it was great to hear one of its best tracks in Ms Marvel.

Goddess – Krewella x NERVO feat. Raja Kumari


Ms Marvel‘s fast-paced nature continued in episode two as Kamala started getting used to her new powers.

A training montage was set to ‘Goddess’ by Krewella, NERVO and Raja Kumari.

With this song, Ms Marvel added three artists of South Asian heritage to its soundtrack.

Krewella is a sister duo of Pakistani descent while rapper Raja Kumari is Indian-American. NERVO are an Australian DJ duo comprising twin sisters Olivia and Miriam Nervo.

Each artist is formidable on their own but they join their talents to create a hype track that is fitting for a montage sequence.

Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi


While Kamala’s parents might enjoy some classic Pakistani tracks, they have always been Bon Jovi fans.

So it was no surprise that they arranged a Bon Jovi tribute band for their son’s lavish wedding.

Dubbed ‘Brown Jovi’, the band performed some of Bon Jovi’s best hits including ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’.

The power ballad is an intriguing throwback addition to the soundtrack and adds more depth to the personalities of Kamala’s parents.

It was great to see 80s rock and roll being incorporated into Ms Marvel‘s soundtrack along with the other diverse genres.

Lightswitch – CHAII


Another song that was teased leading up to the release of Ms Marvel was ‘Lightswitch’.

The song by CHAII eventually made its way onto the show, being heard in the series finale.

After Kamala’s superhero costume get a much-needed update, she takes to the streets to find Bruno and Kamran.

The song makes for a perfect full-circle moment for Kamala, who finally seems comfortable in her new role as a hero.

Ko Ko Korina – Ahmed Rushdi


Composed by Sohail Rana and sung by Ahmed Rushdi, ‘Ko Ko Korina’ is an upbeat Urdu track that is considered to be Pakistan’s first pop song.

The song from the 1966 film Armaan is shown to be a favourite of Kamala’s mother Muneeba.

At the same time, the catchy track plays a major role in the series as is evident from Bruno’s efforts at distracting Damage Control in the season finale.

The love ballad plays in multiple scenes and has now found new life in the show’s soundtrack.

The Sibbi Song – SomeWhatSuper feat. Abid Brohi


In Pakistan, ‘The Sibbi Song’ has been a cult hit but thanks to Ms Marvel, its global listener base has increased.

It is composed by the Pakistani electronic duo SomeWhatSuper and features rap verses from Abid Brohi.

The song plays in the fourth episode when Kamala explores the city of Karachi.

Much like the MCU Disney+ series itself, ‘The Sibbi Song’ combines the best of both worlds as it includes a folk-style chorus, new-gen rap portions, and some head-banging beat drops.

Disco Deewane- Nazia Hassan


Nazia Hassan’s disco hit ‘Disco Deewane’ makes an appearance in Ms Marvel, playing in a rugged Chinese restaurant in Karachi.

This showed how the song’s legacy lives on in Pakistan.

Produced in the wake of the disco wave in the 1980s, ‘Disco Deewane’ is a timeless classic in both India and Pakistan.

The song was praised for Nazia Hassan’s effortless vocals and producer Biddu’s beats that were typical of that era.

‘Disco Deewane’ continues to be one of Hassan’s biggest hits, cementing her presence in not only South Asian music but worldwide.

Ms Marvel has quickly become one of the best Marvel shows and the soundtrack has contributed to that.

The show’s conclusion has left viewers wondering what is next for Kamala Khan and where her heroics will take her.

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