TV Actor Rajat Tokas wants to be Marvel’s next Wolverine!

Marvel Studios are looking for the next actor to play Wolverine. TV star Rajat Tokas has started a petition to take up the role of the iconic character.

TV Actor Rajat Tokas wants to be Marvel's next Wolverine f

"Marvel Studios, all I need is one opportunity to prove myself."

It may be a possibility that TV actor Rajat Tokas ventures into a superhero film, especially when he shows a huge amount of dedication.

The Naagin 3 actor wants to be the next Wolverine for an upcoming Marvel Studios film.

Hugh Jackman has previously done an excellent job playing the role. He has even become synonymous with the iconic character.

Ever since he quit the role in 2017, Marvel has been looking for someone to take on the role. Rajat took this opportunity to state his intention of being Jackman’s successor.

Rajat has taken a number of measures in order for him to be considered for the role.

On his Instagram, he wrote a post to Marvel Studios and posted a picture of himself in front of the Wolverine poster.

He wrote:

“Marvel Studios, all I need is one opportunity to prove myself. And trust me I won’t disappoint.

“Never have, never will. Will literally live and breathe the character.”

Judging by the post, it is clear that Rajat is very passionate about the character. He is someone who would fully immerse himself into the role to ensure he does the character justice.

Wolverine has been a character that Tokas has wanted to play for a long time. After seeing the positive response from his fans, he went one step further to get noticed by Marvel.

The actor started a petition and asked his fans to sign it. He posted:

“Guys, I am honestly touched with your love and support.

“Trust me, if this happens, I’ll literally pour my heart, bleed through my veins, will challenge my body, shake my soul to its core and live through each pain and emotion the character has gone through.

“Need more signatures, more support, more blessings as thats what my purpose is in life and always have been.”

He added #RajatTokasForWolverine and a link to the petition for fans to sign.

Rajat has gone to a lot of effort in his bid to be noticed by Marvel. His efforts show his love for the character and how much he wants to be Wolverine.

It will be big boots to fill for whoever plays Wolverine next after Hugh Jackman doing such a great job.

Despite Rajat Tokas’ dedication towards the character, Marvel has made no official comment.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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