Sex Help: I am a Young Man and have Erectile Problems

Erectile dysfunction does not always affect older men. More and more young men are suffering from it. Our Sexpert Saidat Khan looks at ways to help.

Sex Help: I am a Young Man and have Erectile Problems

I am a young man and have erectile problems What can I do?

Erectile Dysfunction or (ED) is not just a problem associated with older men as many people think. More and more young men in early twenties are showing up with erectile difficulties.

There three main causes that influence Erectile Dysfunction are psychological issues, physical problems, and the impact and side effects caused by the use of medication.

You may have psychological issues related to stress, fatigue or relationship problems and or if you are waking up in the morning with an erection and you don’t have any problems masturbating.

The main physical conditions associated with South Asians are diabetes, coronary heart disease, smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and alcohol and substance misuse.

Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues can cause erectile problems. For example, the physical condition may slow down the sexual response and increase anxiety which impacts on maintaining an erection.

There is a growing trend of Asian men aged between 18-22 years are mixing illicit drugs, alcohol and high caffeine laden drinks like Red Bull with Viagra/Cialis in order to get an erection for sexual intercourse and masturbation. This can worsen an existing erectile problem further because it alters the natural sexual arousal system and can increase the risk of dependency in dealing with sexual anxiety.

Erectile assisted medication should only be used in conjunction with medical advice and screening. Internet drugs are not regulated or licensed in the UK. Therefore, you will not know what you are really buying. The attraction to purchase such drugs should not be the cost, it should be safety from on-going side effects these drugs may cause.

Asia is the highest supplier of non-regulated sexual performance drugs and India has one of the world’s largest online outlets for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications.

Internet pornography is a stimulus and ideology that advocates unhealthy sex education. It raises young men’s expectations and perceptions of how they should look and sexually perform.

Women who educate themselves through internet pornography or are more experienced sexually can make very derogative comments and judgement to men suffering from erectile problems. This ultimately exacerbates shame and self-worth in a man. It is important that women are supportive of young men facing issues of this kind instead of making perhaps fun or jeering.

The other issue is that erectile difficulties may be precipitated due to the lack of sexual arousal, sexual preferences and sexual fulfilment with Asian women who are from the homeland who are sexually naïve and have rigid views and perceptions on how sex is performed.

As a precaution, firstly, you should contact your local GP even if they are a friend of the family and request a health assessment, medical screening and advice on making healthy lifestyle choices. This will highlight if there is an underlying health condition that needs treatment of which you are not aware. It may prevent heart disease further down the road.

Secondly, you may want to seek therapy individually if you are on your own or couple’s therapy if you are experiencing relationship problems or anxiety over your sexual performance. The best result to overcome this problem is if it is shared and treated either individually or as as a couple’s issue within the relationship.

Do not be afraid to seek help. Remember, admitting and discussing this issue openly, albeit confidentially with a health professional, is the first step towards recovery.

Saidat Khan is an experienced psychosexual and relationship therapist who treats individuals and couples with sexual dysfunctions and intimacy issues. He also facilitates structured group-work; programmes for sex addiction/compulsive behaviour. Based at his Harley Street practice in London, he is open minded and empathetic to client’s needs. Information about his services is available on his website.

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Saidat Khan is a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist and an Addictions Specialist from Harley Street London. He is a keen golfer and enjoys yoga. His motto is ''I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become'' by Carl Jung.

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