Sarah Khan receives Hate for wearing Dior

Sarah Khan recently posted a video wearing a Christian Dior scarf. Her fans and followers were quick to notice that and were not happy.

Sarah Khan receives Hate for wearing Dior f

"another celebrity giving us every reason to stop supporting them.”

Sarah Khan found herself at the centre of controversy as a video of her wearing a Christian Dior scarf went viral.

Fans have expressed their disappointment and called her out for not boycotting the brand despite its alleged support for Israel.

The incident has sparked a heated debate amidst the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Sarah Khan, known for her versatile performances, has amassed a dedicated fan base through her work in the entertainment industry.

With her talent and charm, she has become a beloved figure among her followers. However, her recent fashion choice has stirred up a significant amount of controversy.

Many individuals have been advocating for the boycott of certain brands as a show of solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The video, which showcased Sarah Khan wearing the Christian Dior scarf, triggered a wave of criticism from her followers.

They claimed that by publicly endorsing a brand apparently associated with Israel, she was disregarding the suffering of the Palestinian people.

The incident has sparked a broader discussion about the role of celebrities in political and social issues. The power of consumer choices in expressing solidarity with causes was also discussed.

One follower said: “Another day and another celebrity giving us every reason to stop supporting them.”

Another wrote: “I have never seen her post anything about Palestine. Pakistani celebs care more about their Instagram getting banned.”

Many loyal fans also came forward to defend her from the criticism.

One said:

“You can’t expect someone to throw all the luxury items they already own!”

“It’s worth a lot so those who cannot donate should use their stuff because it is paid for. Just don’t buy anything new.”


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Sarah Khan has yet to respond to the backlash she has been receiving on her choice of wearing Dior.

It seems like the controversy surrounding Pakistani celebrities and brands is becoming quite common.

Many of them are facing criticism, and it’s interesting to note that some of them also disable their comments to avoid it.

Recently, Hina Altaf came under fire for sharing a picture of herself holding a special Christmas edition Starbucks cup.

Hania Aamir also received hate for wearing a Zara outfit in her Christmas video.

The question asked by many netizens is if they post things like these deliberately.

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