Rishi Rich praises India’s Independent Music Scene

Music producer Rishi Rich talked about India’s thriving independent music scene and his upcoming collaboration with Juggy D and Jay Sean.

Rishi Rich praises India’s independent music scene - F

"I like to make music without restrictions."

British music producer Rishi Rich has shared his opinion of the independent music scene in India.

Rishi is best known for his songs in films such as Hum Tum, Half Girlfriend, Namaste England, Gully Boy and Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar.

The music producer also spoke about how the Covid-19 lockdown in India treated him. He has been living in Mumbai for the past five years.

Rishi said: “Lockdown for me was interesting.

“On the one hand, I started my record label and put out some exciting music and on the other, I couldn’t travel and be with my family in the UK.

“The pandemic has changed all of us forever but I am thankful that I have been able to keep myself safe.”

The musician added: “Music kept me sane during the lockdown.

“In a weird way, the phase helped me focus on my musical aspirations and decide where I wanted to take myself next.”

Rishi recently joined forces with rapper Rush Toor to release a track that is an infusion of classic Bollywood and Brooklyn style hip-hop.

Speaking about the new song ‘Zakham’, Rishi said:

“I’ve always loved fusing the music I listened to growing up with the music I love to make now, and ‘Zakham’ is just a perfect example of how East and West blend seamlessly.

“Rush was ideal to feature on the track, and I hope everyone enjoys it.”

‘Zakham’ is on its way to the top of many music charts. Many fans have also created cover dance videos to the song.

Many musicians have expressed their praise for independent music over film music and Rishi is the same.


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Rishi Rich said: “For a music producer like me, I like to make music without restrictions and rules.

“If a song of mine doesn’t work for a film project, but sounds great with an independent artist, that’s great.

“All music is heard and has its own space.

“The indie music scene in India is something everyone should be so proud of.”

“It’s really coming into its own and I’m happy to be a part of that.”

Meanwhile, the music producer is also working on an upcoming project alongside Juggy D and Jay Sean.

Rishi’s famous trio, The Rishi Rich Project, is set to release new songs soon.

Speaking about the project compromised of Juggy D and Jay Sean, Rishi said:

“The Rishi Rich Project is Jay Sean, Juggy D and myself and there’s always something being worked on with us three.

“It’s just about the right time and being in the right place.

“We haven’t been in the same country for a long time, so when that happens, it will only be a matter of time until the audience hears something from us.”

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