Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas ‘Romance’ is the Real Deal?

Nick Jonas is reportedly smitten with Desi girl Priyanka Chopra, with sources suggesting that their blossoming romance could be the real deal!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas 'Romance' is the Real Deal?

“he is really sexy, talented and their chemistry in the bedroom is undeniable”

Dating rumours of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are making the rounds and while fans might still be unsure about this unconventional romance, sources suggest it could, in fact, be the real deal!

Following their last-minute appearance at the Met Gala together in 2017, Priyanka and Nick have developed quite a close bond.

Cue 2018 and pictures of the pair have been making the rounds on social media, showing the couple on various date nights and more.

But one particular outing has caught everyone’s attention – that is when Nick invited the 35-year old Desi Girl to his cousin’s wedding.

A huge move for any young couple, Priyanka was snapped looking gorgeous in a summery yellow wrap dress with Nick in tow. The couple attended the family wedding where no doubt PeeCee would have had the chance to meet with Nick’s closest family members.

The loved-up pair flew to New Jersey where they met Nick’s brother Kevin Jonas, and his wife Danielle.

In an interview with E! News Kevin said: “It was a great wedding, we had a great time.”

When asked about his brother and Priyanka, Kevin responded:

“You have to ask Nick about that. We have met her in the past. She is super-awesome. But, that’s Nick’s thing and he can say what he wants to say.”

One source revealed to

“It’s a huge deal that Nick brought Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding. He’s dated a lot over the last couple years but it’s never been anything serious, so this is a big step.”

While Priyanka has been linked to a few Bollywood stars in the past, this is the first time the star appears to be so publicly at ease with a new relationship.

In addition, Nick, who has previously dated the likes of Kate Hudson and Olivia Culp, has allegedly never invited one of his girlfriends to a family occasion before.

The pair has also been caught commenting on each other’s Instagram pics, which suggests that this is much more than just a casual fling.

According to insider reports, the details of this whirlwind romance might be a lot juicer than we thought!

Friends of Priyanka have also allegedly been spilling details of her budding romance.

Reportedly, Priyanka thinks “he is really sexy, talented and their chemistry in the bedroom is undeniable”.

According to HollywoodLife, one close source insists, “Nick is without a doubt the most romantic man Priyanka has ever dated”.

The source added:

“He’s such a gentleman and constantly goes out of his way to make her feel special. Nick is always sending Priyanka cute messages and funny memes that remind him of her, and he even writes her poetry, which she loves.”

However, Priyanka’s friends are not too sure about the relationship, believing Nick is a “total player” and that “he will break her heart”.

But with Nick introducing Priyanka to his family members, we think the 25-year-old might be ready for something more serious.

More sources reveal that the musician is absolutely smitten with the Bollywood beauty, and may even be considering taking things further!

He is reportedly “falling hard for Priyanka” and is keen in “making things serious really soon”.

According to HollywoodLife:

“All Nick really wants now that he has a career in something he loves, is to have a beautiful wife and a couple children to boot. He doesn’t want to be a serial dater, and he hopes what he as with Priyanka turns into something very important in his life and he hopes that she is the one.”

“When they’re out together Nick only has eyes for Priyanka, and makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Nick is clearly head over heels for Priyanka.

“He’s even changed his phone screensaver to a cute photo of both of them, and programmed a special ringtone for whenever she calls him.

“Nick’s friends have never seen him this crazy about a girl before, everyone thinks this could be the real deal and go all the way to the altar,” the source adds.

Priyanka Chopra is known for spending just as much time in America than in India, and so it’s perhaps no surprise that she found love with a non-Desi beau.

Fans of the pair have also been sharing their own thoughts on social media:

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are undoubtedly the hottest new crossover couple in the celebrity world right now.

With both appearing to be so happy in one another’s company, we can’t wait to see more of this dashing couple and their blossoming romance!

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