Pakistani Woman blatantly abuses Traffic Officers after Violation

A Pakistani woman was stopped by traffic officers after she committed a traffic violation but she abused them. Her blatant behaviour was caught on camera.

Pakistani Woman blatantly abuses Traffic Officers after Violation f

"I'll break your face. Go away and get lost."

An FIR was registered against a Pakistani woman after she was caught on camera verbally abusing two traffic officers who had stopped her.

A video of the incident was uploaded online, which showed the woman being stopped for running a red light.

The incident happened in the Defence Housing Authority neighbourhood of Karachi.

However, instead of calmly admitting her offence, she started verbally abusing the traffic officers and making threats towards them.

The situation became even more heated after the officer told the woman that she will be fined. But her brazen act was filmed by one of the officers and they captured the woman’s registration plate.

In the video, when the woman’s car is stopped, she opens the door to get out but when the officers ask for her licence, she gets back in her vehicle and becomes verbally abusive.

Throughout the incident, the Pakistani woman belittled the officers for stopping her. The woman’s apparent sense of entitlement was pointed out by viewers on social media.

One of the officers said: “Look at this, this lady with me here. She has jumped a traffic signal (red light) and on top of that she is being abusive towards me.”

The woman then asks: “You think you people can stop me?”

The officer replies: “Of course we will stop you for violations.”

Officer 2 narrates: “You can see this lady’s attitude and this is her car’s registration number.”

During the incident, the woman is on the phone where she refers to the traffic officer as an “old idiot.”

When the officer mentions that the woman continues to be abusive, she attempts to start her car. The woman then threatens the traffic officers.

She told them: “I’ll break your face. Go away and get lost (she rolls up window).”

When the second officer asks the woman to get off her phone, she talks down to him.

“Oye, old man watch how you speak to me. You worthless crass individual speaking rubbish.”

She then tells him: “Get lost. You two pennies worth person. Old man. I’ll break your face as well.”

As the officers attempted to issue her a fine, the woman drove off. An FIR was later registered against the Pakistani woman for violating traffic rules as well as abusing the traffic officers.

Watch the Video of the Pakistani Woman abusing the Officers


The video went viral on social media and viewers were quick to comment on the woman’s abusive behaviour.

One user pointed out her poor attitude and said that no one is above the law.

“Look at the attitude of this woman with traffic police. She broke the signal and then she kept abusing the officers even on camera.

“She shouldn’t have been only given a ticket, she must be charged to assault the officers during duty. No one is above the law!”

Others mentioned that her behaviour was due to her belief that she is more elite than them.

“The face of the elite who are making the most noise and acting like victims while supporting the corrupt in Pakistan. Those who believe they are above the law.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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