Pakistani Journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Family Criticised

Pakistani journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan and his family are receiving criticism after he shared his anniversary post.

Pakistani Journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan's Family Criticised f

“Nothing about this family is normal.”

Pakistani television presenter and journalist, Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan and his family are receiving criticism.

This was followed by Iqrar’s anniversary post that he shared on Instagram. The post featured a celebration with his first wife and the caption read:

“Happy Anniversary Aina. Thank you for an unconventional and unconditional 18 years.

“What a surprise by @aroosakhan_anchor.”

The caption revealed that the celebration was thrown by his third wife, Aroosa Khan.

His third marriage was confirmed in December 2023, although Aroosa started posting pictures with him in June 2023.

The video showed him walking into the room, hand in hand with his first wife, Aina.

There were petals laid out on the floor along with black and red balloons, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Iqrar led his wife to a table laden with cake and flowers. The couple cut the cake in front of a backdrop featuring the words: “Happy Anniversary.”

The post caught the eye of many netizens because of its uniqueness. Many people bashed them, calling Iqrar’s family “abnormal”.

One user said: “You married two more times despite unconventional and unconditional love? WOW.”

Another remarked: “Nothing about this family is normal.”

One wrote: “I don’t know why such men exist. They are ruining society. No sincere wife will ever want to share her husband with another woman.

“What is wrong with them? Maybe she doesn’t want the divorce label.”

Another commented: “What is this rubbish? It’s downright disgusting and ridiculous!”


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Many people accused Iqrar of marrying multiple times to fulfil his needs.

One comment read:

“Polygamy is not practiced the way it was back then! It’s time to stop using religion to satisfy your own desires.”

Another wrote: “Pakistani men only remember Islam when it comes to four marriages.”

One commented: “If you have so much love for religion and want to follow it, then marry some widow or divorcee! Why are you going for the young ones? Pervert.”

However, many men in the comment section envied him and his lifestyle.

One of them said: “Three anniversaries in a year. Bro got hoors before going to heaven.”

Another commented: “Dude’s living the dream.”

One wrote: “He won the lottery. Meanwhile, we can’t get married even once.”

The remarks on Iqrar Ul Hassan’s family life were mixed. However, most of them claim that his post is toxic and he is normalising it with his twisted mindset.

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