Has Iqrar-ul-Hassan’s 3rd Marriage been Confirmed?

Rumours are circulating that Iqrar-ul-Hassan has married for a third time. But has the marriage now been confirmed?

Has Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage been Confirmed f

“Congratulations, wish you a happy married life."

There have been speculations that Iqrar-ul-Hassan has married for the third time.

Although he has not addressed the rumours, Aroosa Khan appeared to confirm her marriage to him.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Aroosa was asked if she was married, to which she replied yes.

She was then asked to choose between Iqrar-ul-Hassan and Pehlaaj, his son from his first marriage, and she replied: “Both.”

There have been signs circulating on social media that Iqrar-ul-Hassan had married for a third time but neither he nor Aroosa had responded to the rumours.

But Aroosa’s Instagram has suggested that the pair have been married for over a month.

Has Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage been Confirmed

Aroosa shared a series of photographs standing next to Iqrar-ul-Hassan and many followers congratulated her.

One follower had written: “Congratulations to you and Iqrar on your wedding.”

Another wrote: “Congratulations, wish you a happy married life. Nice couple.”

In a more recent post, Aroosa shared a range of photographs from the Maldives and many followers believed she was on her honeymoon.

One comment read: “Hello Mrs Iqrar.”

Another said: “Lucky Iqrar.”

Iqrar-ul-Hassan married his first wife and fellow news anchor Quratulain Iqrar in 2006 with whom he has a son Pehlaaj.

It was then revealed that in 2012 he had married a second time to Farah Yousaf.

In a previous interview, Farah was asked about her marriage to Iqrar-ul-Hassan and she was very vocal about her feelings.

Farah had said: “Let me tell you that this is my first marriage to Iqrar.

“I can’t tell you how his first wife feels about it.”

“If Islam allows a man to marry then there should be no question about it, I got married in 2012, it’s old news now. Stop asking about it.

“I cannot say anything on Quratulain’s behalf about how she feels, but let me tell you that my marriage happened with the consent of both families. It’s not that we married with hindrances.”

Farah’s statement was not received well and it was stated that she would never be able to understand the feelings of a woman who has to share her husband with another woman.

One commentator said: “Only a woman can understand how it feels when you have to share your husband with another woman.

“Yes, she [Quratulain] did not complain openly to the media, but she has expressed her feelings in so many ways through her body language that she was not happy with the decision.”

In a recent interview, Farah had said that she would willingly accept Iqrar’s third marriage should he express a desire for it.

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