Hoorain Hassan: A Family’s Grief as 2-year-old Toddler Shot Dead

A family in Birmingham have shared their grief after their relative, two-year-old Hoorain Hassan, was shot dead in Pakistan.

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"She was a normal, bubbly little child."

The Birmingham family of Hoorain Hassan, who was shot dead in a violent robbery in Pakistan, have expressed their grief and called for justice.

Hoorain Hassan was a two-year-old sprightly toddler living in Karachi. In a devastating turn of events, she was shot dead on February 23, 2024.

The murder happened at Hoorain’s home when two armed raiders ordered her father to give them his motorbike at gunpoint.

Her father, Hassan Irfan had arrived home from work at 8 pm. As the situation escalated, the assailants shot Hassan’s sister Rafia in the foot.

They then shot twice at the house. One shot hit Hoorain in the head and neck, killing the child instantly.

According to Hoorain’s great-aunt Henna Malik, while the family rushed out to check on Rafia, the fate of Hoorain remained unknown for several minutes.

Henna currently resides in Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield.

Describing Hoorain Hassan, Henna said: “Hoorain was the most spoilt in the family and loved by everybody.

“She was a normal, bubbly little child.

“Her grandmother, Romana, is absolutely distraught. Hoorain used to run to her every morning. She was a little angel.”

Explaining the circumstances of the murder, Henna continued:

“Hassan had come back from work as a teacher and his sister, Rafia, had opened the door.

“Two men put him at gunpoint and said, ‘Hand over the bike, give us your bike’.

“They then shot at his sister’s foot and at the house. Everyone ran to Rafia. Hoorain was on the floor.

“The bullet had gone through her neck and head.

“Hoorain had been playing with a mobile phone. She was with other kids in the house – but they had run out.

“Her older sister came in and saw her. Her sisters are traumatised.

“The family are completely broken.

“Hassan’s wife, Hoorain’s mum, Lubna Hassan said, ‘I keep on thinking my daughter is going to walk in to the room.

“Her grandparents are devastated.”

Henna also delved into her determination to support her family, despite being so far away from them.

She explained: “They are not a wealthy family. They are a normal working-class family.

“In Pakistan, if you don’t have connections, you don’t get justice.

“I have contacted a number of contacts to get the police to deal with it.

“The family were not having any of their questions answered. Hassan’s brothers have gone door-to-door on Sunday to get footage.

“This poor family have not had time to grieve and are doing the police’s job.

“I feel hopeless. I can’t physically be there and be a shoulder to cry on. I need to be the backbone.”

Henna went on to divulge the necessity to be safe in Pakistan, expressing:

“I was [in Pakistan] last year. I had to walk around with a guard all the time.

“If people in Pakistan are not safe, how can we go to Pakistan to see our families?

“This is a regular occurrence in Pakistan. Anyone going there needs to be safe and vigilant.”

Amid this horrifying incident, Karachi has seen an alarming rise in street crime, with 26 people murdered so far in 2024.

Manav is a creative writing graduate and a die-hard optimist. His passions include reading, writing and helping others. His motto is: “Never hang on to your sorrows. Always be positive."

Image courtesy of Birmigham Live.

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