Pakistani Dancer kicked over ‘Provocative Moves’

In a shocking incident, a Pakistani dancer was brutally kicked by a man who had reportedly taken issue with her ‘provocative moves’.

Pakistani Dancer kicked over 'Provocative Moves' f

"a girl to dance in front of others in this disgraceful way!"

A Pakistani dancer was violently kicked by a man while performing at an event.

The shocking incident was captured on camera and it saw the woman kicked in the chest by a man who had reportedly taken issue with the way she was dancing.

It was reported that he attacked her as he believed her dancing in front of others was “provocative”.

The disturbing video has since gone viral and it has shocked viewers.

In the video, the woman is seen dancing to music as guests sit and watch her perform.

Suddenly the man appears from the sidelines and raises his leg, forcefully kicking her in the chest and sending her flying backwards.

The kick is so forceful that it sends the victim falling out of view.

While the attack was heinous, the immediate aftermath was just as terrible as the audience members who were sitting did not get up to intervene or help the dancer.

They remained in their seats with an expressionless look on their faces.

However, one man who had been standing behind the Pakistani dancer confronted the attacker.

In the video, the perpetrator walked towards his downed victim, appearing to carry on his attack. But the other man pushed him away before he got to the young woman.

According to reports, the man justified his actions, saying:

“It is not permissible for a girl to dance in front of others in this disgraceful way!”

Naturally, viewers were disgusted with the man’s violent actions towards the woman over his belief that her dancing was provocative.

One user wrote: “That was horrible to watch!!! Moral values can be the best education for each and every human being on this Earth, which is easy to get from their respective homes itself.”

Many people highlighted the ongoing violence towards women in Pakistan and even stated that the man may walk away without punishment.

One user wrote: “They don’t respect women, they have gone mad.”

Another person posted: “Horrific! She will probably be punished not him.”

One person commented:

“Shocking, sadly no one in the world will protest and march against violence to women.”

Another person wrote: “Sad thing is nothing will happen to him.”

Some people slammed those at the event for their lack of help.

One user wrote: “And those other women just sit there.”

It is not known where the incident took place in Pakistan or whether the man faced action.

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