Married Man Guilty of Sexual Assault on Young Woman on a Bus

Rohtash Singh has been found guilty of committing perverse sexual assault on a young woman on a bus in Manchester, in May 2017.

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Singh told the woman: "I just want to thank you. You are very kind."

Rohtash Singh, aged 42, of Fallowfield, was found guilty at Manchester Crown Court for the sexual assault on a woman on a bus last May.

Singh, a married father of one, was accused of sitting next to the woman, in her 20s, and putting his hand on her knee before moving it up onto her thigh.

The woman said the sexual assault lasted around half an hour.

The court heard that the woman’s body language made it clear she didn’t want to engage with Singh. She was ‘frozen by fear’ after he began touching her.

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When the bus stopped at Parrs Wood, the victim said she ran off the bus.

Said to be crying and distressed, she spoke with security staff from the nearby Parrs Wood entertainment centre.

Singh denied one count of sexual assault, claimining that there was nowhere else to sit on the 142 service from Piccadilly to Parrs Wood.

The defendant claimed that any contact was down to him having a heavy bag on his lap and having a condition that makes his fingers go numb.

He did admit speaking to the woman, who said that he was ‘talkative’.

The Manchester jury rejected his version of events, taking just over an hour to convict him of sexual assault.

sexual assault Rohtash Singh

Judge Michael Leeming said several elements of the case were ‘concerning’ and warned Singh of the possibility of jail.

He said: “The complainant has the right to travel on public transport without being subjected to the unwanted attention of a stranger, never mind being sexually assaulted.”

“Having heard her give evidence, it is clear she was terribly upset by what happened and it has had a profound effect on her.”

The court heard that Singh told the woman: “I just want to thank you. You are very kind.”

Judge Leeming spoke of the defendant’s persistence towards the woman: “The persistence he showed and the fact he wasn’t in any way deterred by the presence of other passengers.”

“Then there is the behaviour upon exiting the bus.”

The defendant was found ‘hovering’ in the Parrs Wood area before ‘passing out’ when nearby security staff approached him.

Singh told the jury:

“I felt darkness in front of my eyes and passed out.”

Security alerted police and Singh was arrested.

Judge Leeming said Singh’s account was ‘quite rightly’ rejected by jurors.

Singh was released on bail pending sentence.

Judge Leeming said:

“This should not be taken as an indication that a non-custodial sentence will be passed.”

He added:

“All options, including imprisonment, are open.”

Singh awaits sentencing which happens on Friday, September 28, 2018.

Sexual assault is extremely serious and something no one should go through. This comes after an ex-banker was jailed for sexually assaulting a sleeping woman at her London flat in August 2017.

Call the Victim Support line on 0808 168 9111

Alternatively, visit the website where you can find all the information and support.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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