Indian Woman filed 9 False Sexual Assault Cases

An Indian woman was arrested for filing nine sexual assault cases against men in an attempt to extort money from them.

Indian Woman filed 9 False Sexual Assault Cases


the accused woman started harassing her son

An Indian woman has been arrested for filing nine sexual assault cases against different men between September 2020 and November 2021.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has denied the woman bail.

The police informed the Punjab and Haryana High Court that the lady “habitually” brought claims of sexual assault, falsely accusing males and their family members.

She was arrested for attempting to extort money from a mother and her son by threatening to file a false rape complaint against them.

In a judgement dated December 7, 2022, that denied the accused bail, Justice Ashok Kumar Verma’s single-judge panel stated:

“Keeping in view the facts and circumstances of the case, gravity of the alleged offences and the fact that the petitioner is a habitual of filing cases against different persons but without commenting upon the merits of the case, I am of the considered view that the petitioner does not deserve the concession of regular bail.”

The accused woman had asked for the charges to be overturned.

The Indian woman was initially detained on January 27, 2022, in association with an extortion FIR that was lodged by the mother of a man in Gurugram, Haryana, on December 29, 2021.

According to the complaint, the accused took the mother’s son to a remote location near a farm in Haryana and engaged in “obscene activities” with him there.

The mother claimed that the accused woman started harassing her son when he told her that he did not want to engage in a physical relationship with her.

Since then, the accused woman is reported to have demanded “money for settlement” and threatened to file a rape complaint against the complainant’s son.

The woman claimed that the complainant’s son had exploited their friendship by taking “undue advantage”.

She said the man had nonconsensual sex with her on false pretences of wanting to wed her.

According to her, the mother’s FIR was a response to a complaint she had also made against him on November 28, 2021, at the women’s police station in Gurugram.

According to a police affidavit submitted on October 8, 2022, the woman had nine FIRs filed between September 2020 and November 2021 against “young boys and their family members”.

The court was also informed that once the claims in those FIRs were discovered to be untrue, proceedings under Section 182 of the IPC (India Penal Code) were started against the accused lady in at least three of those nine cases.

The court further observed that an additional extortion FIR had been filed against her on December 23, 2021.

Therefore, the state had opposed her bail request, claiming that she had a history of accusing males and their relatives falsely of crimes including rape and blackmail.

Observing these admissions, the court noted:

“The petitioner is running [a] racket for extortion of money from the persons against whom the allegations have been made by her.”

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