Ex-Banker jailed for 5 years for Valentine’s Day Sexual Assault

Jeetender Singh an ex-banker from London has been jailed for 5 years after a sexual assault on a woman at her flat while she was asleep.

Ex-Banker jailed for 5 years for Valentine's Day Sexual Assault

"It’s the least you can do for me, I paid for the taxi."

Jeetender Singh aged 41, a former London City banker was jailed for five years for the sexual assault on a 22-year-old woman while she was asleep on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

According to the Metropolitan Police, Jeetender Singh, from West Hill, Putney, in London, spotted the woman after seeing her leave a group of friends in Picadilly Circus seeking a taxi.

He then acted as a ‘good samaritan’ by introducing himself under the false name of ‘Hazim’ and insisted he would take care of her and help her get home, knowing that she was drunk after her night out.

Jeetender, an ex-banker from JP Morgan, offered to share and pay for an Uber taxi with her.

While on the way, Singh stopped at a cash point to pay for the ride and subsequently, the victim vomited in the taxi.

Once they got to her home address, he continued to say he would look after her. The woman told him she was fine and just needed some much-needed sleep due to her state.

However, Singh insisted and made his way into her flat and then refused to leave.

The victim slumped onto her bed and fell asleep until she was woken up and realised she had been undressed and was being sexually assaulted by Singh. She heard him say:

“It’s the least you can do for me, I paid for the taxi.”

Being awake, the victim then pushed Singh away and he then left the flat.

The victim then contacted the police.

Ex-Banker jailed for 5 years for Valentine's Day Sexual Assault

Jeetender Singh was convicted on August 9th, 2017, at Blackfriars Crown Court after the jury found him guilty of assault by penetration.

He was jailed for five years for the sexual assault and put indefinitely on the sex offenders register.

Singh who was not known to the woman but was tracked down after the Uber taxi driver helped police with enquiries. He showed them the cash machine Singh had used on the night to pay for the taxi.

Singh’s identity was traced using CCTV footage and his bank details.

On July 6th, 2016 when Singh returned to the UK from a trip, he was arrested at Heathrow Airport.

On October 10th, 2016, Singh was charged, after denying the sexual assault.

After a five day trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, he was found guilty on July 7th, 2017.

Whilst being sentenced, the recorder T Greene said Singh had purposely “latched on” to the woman with the intention to have sex with her after.

Greene said: “You had responsibility in a well-paid career but you have thrown that away as well as your good character.

“When the cab reached her flat you followed her, and as she let herself in you made sure she could not close the door behind her. You entered her flat without her permission or encouragement, and I saw no sign during your trial that you recognised quite what an intrusion it was.

“It was a place where she should be able to feel safe, to collapse, and to sleep it off. You assaulted her while she lay on her own bed dizzy, nauseous and desperate for sleep.”

The woman since has moved away from her flat after the attack and stated she still remains traumatised by the sexual assault on her.

Reacting to the jailing, the Met’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command, Detective Sergeant Paula Hill said:

“This was a serious sexual offence committed with some element of planning by the defendant. Singh completely took advantage of a vulnerable female after a night out in central London.”

“Once inside her home address on the context of helping her he refused to leave.

“The victim was left distraught by this attack but has showed extreme bravery in attending court to give evidence.

“She is very pleased with the verdict and feels that she may have prevented Singh committing similar crimes on other women.”

Jeteender Singh has denied one charge of sexual assault by penetration. Therefore, he could end up serving only half his five-year jail sentence.

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