Mandana Karimi reacts to Ali Merchant calling her ‘Gold Digger’

On ‘Lock Upp’, Ali Merchant labelled Mandana Karimi a “gold digger”. Mandana has now reacted after finding out about his remarks.

Mandana Karimi reacts to Ali Merchant calling her 'Gold Digger' f

“I think Mandana is the fakest person inside this house."

On Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi reacted to fellow contestant Ali Merchant after he labelled her a “gold digger”.

The pair have not always seen eye-to-eye on the show.

Mandana previously accused Ali of masturbating in the communal bathroom.

Now Ali has claimed that Mandana has the traits of a gold digger.

Speaking about the Iranian actress, Ali told the camera:

“I think Mandana is the fakest person inside this house.

“I am not directly calling her a gold digger. But she has similar traits to a gold digger.

“They look for prey, earn their sympathy, get close to the prey, and pretend to be their best friends.

“She did the same, told sob stories about her family, she pretended to be friends with Zeeshan (Khan) and befriended me as well through him.”

Ali believed he made the remarks in confidence but Azma Fallah overheard him.

Azma told Mandana and she reacted strongly, stating that she has dated many influential men in the past, but pointed out that it had nothing to do with their financial status.

She said: “I may look fancy but I am spoiling myself with my money, what I have earned.

“As far as my dating is concerned, yes, I have dated powerful men. Not because of their money.

“It is on record, that on many occasions I have broken up with a powerful man because it wasn’t worth my time or life.

“I have never taken anything from anyone. In fact, many times my things have gone. They ruined my name and my life, as my ex did.”

Speaking about Ali, Mandana continued:

“It’s Ali’s way of putting words into my mouth. I know what I have done. I know who I have loved and with whom I have been in a relationship and how it was.”

Mandana later spoke about Ali in front of the camera.

“People like Ali, who don’t know you, your pain, your life, they go around and talk, gossip.

“They say things like ‘she is a gold-digger, she cusses’.

“Ali is a person who came to the show and tried to move forward in the game on his ex (Sara Khan)’s shoulder.

“And when Sara left, he is doing the same with other people. Such people will reach nowhere.”

On Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi previously opened up about her secret relationship with a film director.

She was in a relationship with the filmmaker whilst going through divorce proceedings with Gaurav Gupta.

Mandana and her lover planned to have a baby together but when Mandana became pregnant, the director backtracked.

She ended up having an abortion as a result.

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