Actress Mandana Karimi gets Trolled for Topless Pose

Bollywood actress and TV reality star Mandana Karimi has been subjected to social media trolling after she posted a topless image of herself.

"Don't worry now you are competitor of sunny Leone."

Mandana Karimi the Bollywood actress, model and participant in Bigg Boss 9 has been slammed by online trolls after she posted a topless pose of herself on Instagram.

It did not take long for followers of her to turn on her and make sexist comments towards her.

Karimi who is of Iranian origin has been in India for some time and has starred in movies like Roy (2015), Bhaag Johnny (2015) and Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 (2016).

She was second-runner in the reality TV show Bigg Boss series 9.

As for her post, Karimi looks completely comfortable posing topless to show off her latest weight loss. An achievement she is proud of after going through personal problems.

Actress Mandana Karimi gets Trolled for Topless Pose

In her caption under the image, she wrote

“It’s not your job to like me.Its mine @sashajairam is this really me ?  Who are you?  #killingit#fitnotskinny #loveyourself”

But it did not take long for the keyboard moral police to come out in force to spin off negative comments about her post.

Whilst there were many also showing appreciation, here are some of them targeting her for posing topless.

mastahmind4ya wrote: “Ok at the end you go naked/ or porn. To get attention damn”

aziz_abd_al reacted saying: “Thuuu….. shrm aaani chahiye aapko….chlo koi nhi madam naya Bharat h…..”

ashraful5485 said:I’s photo shoot ki baad jorur cameraman ke sath sex kiya…asa hota hay..”

hindi_poetry2019 commented: “inko fame ka fever itna chad gaya ke ye sb krne ko ready ho gaye”

kkchindaliya said: “Don’t worry now you are competitor of sunny Leone.”

puja_s_dutta wrote: “Sala Ghandi orat”

abdulaziz__1976 said: “Porn star wanna be :D”

abida.jb said: “You r disgusting”

tanveer_director_official not pleased said: “@mandanakarimi shame on you :/ nowadays u doing too much”

And they continued with many more which contained a lot more profanity.

Mandana Karimi recently had also posted some lingerie images before this topless pose which similarily attracted the moral police to react to her choice of attire.

Actress Mandana Karimi gets Trolled for Topless Pose - lingerie

Most argue it is her choice to post what she wants but being an actress in India has its cultural implications and having to deal with such judgment.

In a media interview, Karimi described how she was subjected to #MeToo treatment by a Bollywood director, saying:

“The director made me feel extremely uncomfortable and purposely wanted to find things wrong on set.”

“Even before we went on set, he would find excuses about me not fitting the role.

“Saying ‘She’s not Indian’, ‘She can’t speak Hindi’, ‘She cannot dance’ and so on. Why?

“Because the reason was I was not responding to his personal advances, not ‘kuchi kuchi to my director’.”

She says, because of the hassle and harassment, she got married and stopped working, saying:

“I ran away because of the harassment and the troubles I was getting.”

But now she does regret it and after going through a divorce says: “It was my biggest mistake.”

Now, Mandana Karimi is back working in Bollywood and we shall be seeing her appearing in films once again.

And this it seems will not stop her from posting what she feels completely comfortable with on her social media. Topless or not.

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