Locals blast Amir Khan’s £11m Wedding Venue over Noisy Music

Amir Khan’s £11 million wedding venue hosted its first marriage but some neighbours fumed at the noisy music.

Locals blast Amir Khan's £11m Wedding Venue over Noisy Music f

“It’s an odd place to build such an extravagant wedding"

Amir Khan’s £11 million wedding venue has left some neighbours irritated as they claim it booms out noisy music.

The “Dubai-style” venue in Bolton has finally opened after being under construction for a decade.

It hosted its first wedding on May 18, 2024, but it disturbed residents in nearby houses, with “hundreds of guests” piling into the three-storey building and blocking roads.

The glass-fronted building’s location is a far-cry from Dubai as it stands next to a tyre fitter, a car wash and several takeaways.

However, the inside boasts marble floors, chandeliers and a real waterfall – along with some plastic palm trees.

One resident was disturbed by loud music on its opening night, saying:

“I’m also worried it might lead to too much traffic.

“It is a concern because lots of families have more than one car and we have parking problems already.

“It’s an odd place to build such an extravagant wedding venue for hundreds of guests.”

The woman said her family had lived in the area for 25 years and she would have preferred the site to have been converted into a “green space for locals to enjoy”.

Another resident said she had no choice but to keep her windows closed to shut out the noise.

She told The Sun: “I was trying to watch TV, I heard someone playing music outside but I didn’t realise there was a wedding on at first.

“It seemed to start around 5 pm and last until 9 pm.

“I also saw cars turning around in the road outside. They were causing a bit of congestion and didn’t seem to know where they were going.

“We’ll just have to see what happens when they have more weddings.

“The noise and traffic issues could bother some people.

“Personally, I’m not that bothered – but I don’t have a car any more.

“I’d be more worried if the music goes on to two or three in the morning.”

On the other hand, some locals were not concerned about The Balmayna being so close to their homes.

Mohammed Mubashar Ecohsan said Amir Khan was an “icon”, adding:

“I am sure he’s followed all the correct protocols.

“The council must have looked at the potential problems.”

Ali Hai who runs the nearby RB Cornershop convenience store, said he hoped the venue would bring in extra customers.

He said: “I think it’s good for businesses and good for the area in general.

“But I’m not sure all the residents won’t have problems.”

The Balmayna has previously been blighted by fly-tipping and some residents have complained that it doesn’t fit in with the local area.

Some locals even moaned of rats scurrying around the streets.

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