Kriti Sanon opens up on Pay Disparity & Power Imbalance

Actress Kriti Sanon has opened up on pay disparity as well as the conversation about power imbalance within Bollywood.

Kriti Sanon opens up on Pay Disparity & Power Imbalance f

"So yes, it does get frustrating sometimes"

In an interview, Kriti Sanon spoke about power imbalance and pay disparity within Bollywood.

The actress has established herself as one of Bollywood’s most popular stars, having acted in Bareilly Ki Barfi and Housefull 4.

However, it has not been an easy journey, having entered the industry on her own.

While she stated that power imbalance within Bollywood is evident, it is something which exists in every industry.

Kriti said: “To be very honest, I think power imbalances exist in every field and every industry.

“My mom is a professor and I have seen it happening in her college also.

“My dad used to work in an office and it happened there. Somewhere or the other it’s always there around us.”

She went on to say that it can be frustrating when another actress gets chosen over her due to having Bollywood connections but everyone has their own unique journeys in life.

“What’s more important is for you to realise that you have a journey of your own, totally different from other peoples’.

“So yes, it does get frustrating sometimes when I feel that I deserve something more than a person who is probably getting it.

“I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason and everything happens for good.

“So, if some door is not opening for me, maybe the other one will, and maybe that’s the one that is actually better for me, but I’ve just not realised it yet.

“I’m a very positive person, having said that, I am also human who goes through bouts of frustration and helplessness when I feel that someone is being a bully, or using their power in the wrong way.”

Kriti also expressed her frustration at the pay disparity in Bollywood but added that she uses the negative aspects to channel it into her acting.

“It’s also frustrating to see the pay disparity in the industry.

“I use all of this energy and channelise it into my work. That keeps me sane, that keeps me at peace.”

On her career, Kriti Sanon explained that the success of her films have made her a more confident person.

“In my opinion, success gives you confidence and that’s everything you need to better yourself. Your talent could be enough but if you don’t have confidence, it is never going to come out in the best way.

“With Bareilly Ki Barfi, I got the confidence to step out of the box into a world that I had never experienced before, and even the audience also had not seen me in that avatar.

“When Bareilly Ki Barfi succeeded and my performance was appreciated, it gave me a lot of confidence to do something new and different and unleash this unstoppable version of myself.

“With the success of Lukka Chupi and Housefull 4, I felt empowered.

“I felt that the choices I’ve made might just be right because so many people are liking them. So that gave me a sense of safety and security.”

Kriti Sanon will next be seen in Mimi where she plays a surrogate mother. It is set for a 2021 release.

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