Sonam Kapoor calls Bollywood’s Pay Gap Disparity ‘Ridiculous’

Sonam Kapoor has shared her opinion on the pay disparity within Bollywood, calling it “ridiculous” but said she can stand up to it.

Sonam Kapoor opens up on Bollywood's Sexism Problem f

"I’m okay with that. I can afford to do that."

Sonam Kapoor has called Bollywood’s pay disparity “ridiculous”.

The actress revealed that she stands up to it but that means she misses out on roles.

However, Sonam said that due to being “privileged”, she can afford to stand up to it.

She explained that she does not get the roles for which she demands just pay but she understands some actresses cannot afford to go without work.

Sonam said: “The pay gap is ridiculous.

“I can stand up to it, but then I don’t get those roles, and I’m okay with that. I can afford to do that.

“I realised over the past two or three years that I have no right to judge anybody.

“I’m privileged, so making difficult choices isn’t really f**king difficult.”

Her comments on Bollywood’s pay disparity comes after Taapsee Pannu opened up about the same subject.

Taapsee had said: “If a female actor asks more, she is termed difficult and problematic and if a man asks more it’s a mark of his success.

“Difference is the men who started with me earn 3-5 times more than what I do.

“And the gap keeps increasing as we go in higher star category.”

Taapsee had also defended Kareena Kapoor, who received criticism after she reportedly increased her fee for an acting role.

On the work front, Sonam Kapoor was last seen in 2019’s The Zoya Factor.

She will next be seen in Blind, a remake of the 2011 South Korean film of the same name.

Sonam plays a blind police officer who begins investigating a serial killer’s case.

Filming took place in Scotland and Sonam revealed that during the pandemic, they were filming until the early hours of the morning.

Sonam said: “It was intense. We were starting at 3 pm and shooting until 4 am.

“You’d wake up and have one hour of daylight.”

In order to essay her role as a blind officer, Sonam said she had to wear white lenses during filming and it used to block her vision.

A guide dog was also present with Sonam.

She went on to say that a lot of the preparations happened over Zoom calls.

Sonam also practised fight scenes as well as walking while wearing a blindfold.

The film was completed in February 2021 and will be released on a streaming platform.

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