Indian Women receive Vulgar Texts after Covid-19 aid requests

Indian women have been receiving inappropriate texts and calls after sharing their contact details on social media to seek Covid-19 aid.

Indian Women receive vulgar Texts following Covid-19 aid requests f

“Some men are DISGUSTING.”

Indian women have been receiving vulgar messages and calls in response to requests for Covid-19 aid.

Areas across India are reporting a shortage of resources, including oxygen, as cases continue to rise.

As a result, social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram are promoting requests for aid for patients and their families.

Many requests for help and resources included the contact details of the men and women making them, in an attempt to create a quick line of communication.

However, many Indian women have reported receiving inappropriate text messages and calls rather than vital Covid-19 help.

Mumbai resident Shasvathi Siva took to Twitter asking for a blood plasma donor for a family member.

Instead of receiving the help she needed, Siva’s responses included vulgar messages from men.

Appalled at the inappropriate behaviour, Siva decided to share her story on the social media platform.

Raising awareness of the harassment Indian women are receiving, she said:

“Been looking for plasma donors, and my no has been around in some groups + stories.

“I’ve fielded calls from men asking me if I’m single, if I can share photos, my dp is nice etc, and 1 ‘friend’ who said he’d help if ‘at least now you go on a date with me’.

“Some men are DISGUSTING.”

Siva soon followed the tweet with another, that says she then received graphic images from various men.

She added:

“I thought it wouldn’t get worse, but since this morning, I’ve received (on WhatsApp) 3 d**k pics, and 7 men trying to video call me continuously.

“Even in a medical emergency, men only think with their genitals.”

Siva also added a warning to women sharing their contact details on social media platforms. She said:

“Women: NEVER, EVER let your number out in public forums.”

Siva’s story prompted support from multiple users, and the replies indicate that her ordeal is not the only one.

One user was angered by the way men have been treating women on social media and said:

“Even during a pandemic, even when someone shares her number searching for a plasma donor to save a life of possibly their loved one, we keep misusing it

“We need to seriously stop being defensive when they say ‘men are trash’ and come up with s**t like ‘not all men’.”

Another said:

“This is pathetic, and what makes it worse is that this isn’t a one-off experience.

“I know so many women who have publicly shared their number for an emergency and have received harassing phone calls and lewd texts.”

Omar Abdullah, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, is using Twitter to share requests related to Covid-19.

On the platform, Abdullah confirmed that many women are facing harassment. He tweeted:

“Unfortunately even in this crisis, some men can’t stop themselves from behaving like ba*****s.

“They find phone numbers of ladies included with the requests for help and make lewd calls.

“I’ll try my best not to circulate numbers of ladies but it may impact how people can help.”

Many Indian men and women are currently seeking help as the second wave of Covid-19 sweeps across India.

Over 16 million positive cases have been reported since the pandemic began, with daily fatalities now reaching more than 2,500.

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