Indian Woman boards Crowded Bus in Underwear

Passengers in Delhi were in for a shock when a woman boarded a crowded bus in just her underwear. Footage of the incident went viral.

Indian Woman boards Crowded Bus in Underwear f

"passengers should have thrown her out of the bus."

An Indian woman caused a stir when she boarded a crowded bus in Delhi, wearing nothing but her underwear.

Footage filmed by one passenger showed the barely dressed woman standing near the rear door and opposite a male passenger.

Some of the passengers appear confused over why one person is filming, unaware of the woman.

But the passengers who can see the woman and her lack of outfit are stunned to see her.

One elderly woman was spotted handing something to another passenger while the woman appeared to say something to her.

Irked by her presence, the elderly woman then walked away.

With a smile on her face, the scantily-clad woman then seemingly made an obscene gesture towards the man sitting opposite her.

This left him feeling uncomfortable. He then left his seat and distanced himself from her.

As the man left, the nearly nude woman went to a vacant seat towards the back of the bus.

Surprisingly, some of the passengers remained expressionless, suggesting that such stunts were normal.

Nevertheless, social media users were not impressed by her behaviour, with many slamming the woman for her inappropriate behaviour.

One stated: “Instead of recording the video, passengers should have thrown her out of the bus.”

Another said: “I am sick of this. No civic sense.”

A third asked: “Why? What the heck is this?”

One person claimed it was part of a wider societal problem in India:

“Unfortunate to draw social media fame. Haven’t seen this even abroad in local buses or trains.

“We’re a very confused society in need of proving our strength/identity/attention call it whatever. Empowerment done wrong.”

Meanwhile, another joked:

“Maybe she was trying to follow the ‘get ready with me’ trend on the bus.”

On the other hand, others came out in support of the woman.

One person said: “It is her body and her choice. Leave her alone.”

Another claimed: “Women empowerment.”

Many have questioned whether measures should be implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future, referencing incidents on the Delhi Metro.

On several occasions, videos of eye-opening stunts on the Delhi Metro have gone viral.

These have ranged from two women’s intimate way of playing Holi to a couple spitting their drink into each other’s mouths.

Other netizens tagged the Delhi Police and asked officials to take action against the woman. However, the authorities have yet to respond to the viral video.

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