6 arrested in $22 million Canadian Gold Heist

Six people have been arrested over their involvement in a gold heist in 2023, the biggest gold theft in Canada’s history.

6 arrested in $22 million Canadian Gold Heist f

"They needed people inside Air Canada to facilitate this theft."

Six people have been arrested in connection with a multimillion-dollar gold heist at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in 2023, the biggest gold theft in Canada’s history.

Arrest warrants for three more people have been issued.

On April 17, 2023, an air cargo container carrying more than $22 million (£12.8 million) worth of gold bars and foreign currency was stolen from a secure storage facility using bogus documents.

The gold and currency had arrived on an Air Canada flight from Zurich, Switzerland.

According to police, at least two former Air Canada workers were involved in the theft. Parmpal Sidhu is in custody while an arrest warrant has been issued for the other.

Amit Jalota, Ammad Chaudhary, Ali Raza and Prasath Paramalingam were also arrested.

6 arrested in $22 million Canadian Gold Heist

Police have also issued Canada-wide arrest warrants for Simran Preet Panesar, Archit Grover and Arsalan Chaudhary.

Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick confirmed Parmpal Sidhu and Simran Panesar’s employment with the airline at the time of the gold heist.

He said: “One left the company prior to the arrests announced today and the second has been suspended.

“As this is now before the courts, we are limited in our ability to comment further.”

Detective Sergeant Mike Mavity said the theft was the single-largest gold heist in Canadian history, adding that Sidhu and Panesar were instrumental in pulling it off.

He added: “They needed people inside Air Canada to facilitate this theft.”

In a statement, Peel Regional Police said:

“On April 17, 2023, at 3:56 pm, a flight landed at Pearson International Airport from Zurich, Switzerland, with a cargo containing 6,600 bars of .9999% pure gold, weighing 400 kilograms, valued at over 20 million dollars and CAD 2.5 million worth in foreign currency.

“Shortly after landing, it was offloaded and transported to a separate location on Airport property.”

On April 18, 2023, the cargo was reported missing.

The statement added: “Peel Regional Police immediately started the investigation, which has crossed borders, and we have been working collaboratively with the Philadelphia Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).”

Peel Regional Police and ATF have made significant progress in the investigation.

ATF has arrested one individual in the United States who had 65 illegal firearms in his possession, two of which had been modified to have fully automatic capabilities.

Five of the 65 handguns are known as ‘ghost guns,’ meaning that they were not serialised and, therefore, are untraceable.

The statement said: “Peel Regional Police (PRP) investigators also seized one kilogram of gold worth approximately $89,000.00, believed to be from the theft, smelting equipment, and approximately $434,000 Canadian currency.”

PRP has identified and charged or issued warrants for nine individuals with over 19 charges.

Nishan Duraiappah, Peel Regional Police Chief, said:

“Our investigators and entire service recognised the heightened interest and impact this incident had in our community.”

“We immediately deployed the necessary resources to address and ensure arrests are made in this complex and multi-faceted investigation that crossed international borders.

“I commend the incredible work done by our investigators, the ATF, other law enforcement partners, and our community for working together to identify and arrest those responsible for this brazen crime.

“This investigation remains a priority for Peel Regional Police.

“The cross-jurisdictional boundaries will not hinder our ability to charge and arrest those responsible.

“We are working closely with national and international law enforcement partners to arrest those responsible and hold them accountable.”

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