Punjab’s “Biggest Heist” mastermind Mandeep Kaur arrested

Mastermind Mandeep Kaur and her husband behind Punjab’s biggest heist have been arrested while hiding in Uttarakhand.

Punjabs Biggest Heist mastermind Mandeep Kaur arrested ft

the daring crime occurred in the office of CMS Info Systems Ltd

Punjab Police successfully executed Operation ‘Cage the Queen Bee’ on June 17, 2023, leading to the arrest of the mastermind behind the Rs 8.49 crore (£808,200) heist, Mandeep Kaur, also known as Mona, and her husband Jaswinder Singh.

The arrest took place in Uttarakhand, where the couple had been hiding and the Commissioner of Police, Mandeep Singh Sidhu, confirmed the arrest of the couple and another accomplice.

Prior to their capture, there were suspicions that Mandeep and her husband had fled to Nepal. However, the police were able to locate and apprehend them in Uttarakhand.

This significant breakthrough follows the earlier arrest of six individuals involved in the heist, namely Manjinder Singh Mani, Mandeep Singh, Harvinder Singh, Paramjit Singh, Harpreet Singh, and Narinder Singh.

The police recovered Rs 5 crore from these individuals.

Labelled as Punjab’s “biggest heist”, the daring crime occurred in the office of CMS Info Systems Ltd, a cash management firm based in Ludhiana and was led by Mandeep Kaur.

The motive behind the crime appears to be the desire for quick wealth, as well as a “love angle” between the masterminds.

All ten individuals involved in the heist have close familial ties to one another.

Among the arrested individuals is Manjinder Singh Mani, an employee of CMS Info Systems Ltd for four years.

Police Commissioner Sidhu noted that there seems to be a close relationship between Mandeep Kaur and Manjinder Mani, suggesting that Kaur was in need of money to finance a trip abroad.

The police were able to track the movements of the suspects using the Global Positioning System (GPS). This technology played a crucial role in locating and apprehending the accused, all of whom hail from Punjab.

Commissioner Sidhu placed blame on CMS Info Systems Ltd for their negligence in ensuring the safety of the cash. The company’s failure to implement adequate security measures allowed the heist to occur.

CMS Info Systems Ltd is a prominent cash management firm operating in India.

The company provides comprehensive cash handling solutions to various industries, including banking, retail, and hospitality.

With its headquarters in Mumbai, CMS Info Systems Ltd has established a strong presence nationwide, ensuring efficient and secure cash management services.

The recent heist has shed light on the need for heightened security measures within the cash management industry.

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