Indian Woman beats Teenage Girl for Calling her ‘Aunty’

An Indian woman from Uttar Pradesh lost her temper when a teenage girl called her “aunty”. She then began hitting the girl.

Indian Woman beats Teenage Girl for Calling her 'Aunty' f

"she burst into an outrage and beat up the girl."

A video has gone viral of an Indian woman hitting a teenage girl after being referred to as “aunty”.

The incident happened at a marketplace in the city of Etah, Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, the 19-year-old victim had been trying to make her way through a crowded path at the market when she saw the woman.

She politely asked the woman: “Excuse me, aunty.”

However, it did not sit well with the 40-year-old woman who became furious at the girl. The woman verbally abused the girl before slapping her.

A scuffle soon broke out between the pair, with the woman repeatedly hitting the teenager, who is seen wearing a blue headscarf.

While some bystanders tried to separate them, others dropped their shopping and got involved.

In the video, the Indian woman and other bystanders are seen hitting the victim before pulling her by her hair.

The woman, seen in a brown top, continues to hit the victim while she screams before a police officer intervenes.

The officer manages to separate the pair, however, they continue to shout and scream at each other.

Officer Kanchan Katiyar explained that both the woman and teenager were taken to the police station for questioning.

The pair managed to come to a compromise without needing to file a formal complaint.

Officer Katiyar explained: “The teenager had called the woman ‘aunty’, after which she burst into an outrage and beat up the girl.

“The girl also raised hands. Both parties were taken to the police station.

“Later, their relatives arrived and they settled the issue among themselves.

“Both the girl and the woman belonged to well-to-do families. No formal complaint was received.”

It is believed the incident happened on November 2, 2020, in the lead up to the Karva Chauth festival on November 4, 2020.

As a result, Babuganj market was a busy setting leading up to the festival.

The market is known for selling women’s garments, accessories and cosmetics.

Due to the market being so busy, additional police officers, especially female ones, were deployed in order to manage the crowd.

In another incident of violence, a woman from Lahore assaulted a shop worker for not having a mirror.

Sadaf Tariq had gone into the makeup shop where the victim, Analiza, worked.

The suspect asked for a lipstick which the salesgirl handed to her. Tariq then asked Analiza to bring her a mirror so that she could see how it looked on her.

However, the shop worker explained that she did not have one and suggested that Tariq take one from another counter.

Tariq then lost her temper and grabbed the victim by her hair. She then dragged her across the floor.

Footage of the incident went viral and Tariq was later arrested.

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