Indian Wife walked 40 Days to meet Husband after Row

An Indian wife from Bihar had an argument with her husband and left her home. She ended up walking for 40 days to meet him.

Indian Wife walked 40 Days to meet Husband after Row f

The Indian wife decided to walk home

An incident occurred in which an Indian wife walked for 40 days to be reunited with her husband following a row with him.

The matter took place in the district of Bhagalpur, Bihar.

It was reported that on March 22, 2020, the unnamed woman and her husband got into a row at their home. Although it is not known what the argument was about, it was reported that it was over a minor matter.

Nevertheless, the quarrel angered the woman so much that she left the house and went to the railway station.

She intended to go to Amarpur in Banka, however, the train she boarded took her to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

When she realised that she was in another state, the woman had no money to return home. Meanwhile, India’s lockdown was implemented, meaning state borders were closed.

The woman wanted to return home but there was no means of doing so.

Locals advised her to walk along the Grand Trunk Road because there would be no transport. The Indian wife decided to walk home, therefore, she began her journey.

On May 4, 2020, the woman reached the interstate checkpoint between Jharkhand and Bihar when she fell ill and subsequently collapsed.

Police officers had been patrolling the area when they saw the unconscious woman.

They sent the woman to a hospital in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. At the request of Circle-Officer Shivam Gupta, the woman received treatment and some food.

Social Welfare Officer Shipra Sinha explained that the woman had been walking for weeks in order to return home so that she would be reunited with her husband.

The woman was tested for Coronavirus as a precaution but the results came back negative.

Following the negative result, officials in Bhagalpur were contacted about the matter. They travelled to see the woman before driving her home.

The official confirmed that the woman was reunited with her husband on May 14 and both were very happy to see each other.

The woman thanked all the officials for their help.

She said that she had lost all hope of returning home but with the help of the authorities, she was able to see her family and is very happy.

India’s lockdown was implemented on March 24 but in May, some relaxations were made depending on the number of positive cases in each district.

The country has been split into three zones: red zones (130 districts), orange zones (284 districts) and green zones (319 districts).

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