If Indian ‘Red Light Areas’ close Coronavirus can lower by 72%

According to scientists, if ‘red light areas’ in India close, it could reduce the number of new Coronavirus cases by 72%.

If Indian Red Light Areas close Coronavirus can lower by 72% f

all 'red light areas' should be closed and remain closed

Indian scientists have said that the country should shut down all ‘red light areas’ until a Coronavirus vaccine has been created.

They have stated that by doing this, it could delay the peak of Coronavirus cases by 17 days.

In addition, the estimated number of new COVID-19 cases can be reduced by 72%.

Based on modelling studies conducted by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine in the United States, closing sex work hotspots could reduce the estimated Coronavirus-related death rate in India by 63%.

Scientists have insisted that all ‘red light areas’ should be closed and remain closed until an effective vaccine has been found.

This would reduce the number of Coronavirus cases among Indians.

They have said that the findings have been passed on to the Indian government as well as various state governments.

The government has been advised to keep ‘red light areas’ closed even after the lockdown has been lifted to minimise the spread of the virus.

If Indian Red Light Areas close Coronavirus can lower by 72% - waiting

If the government takes the advice on board, scientists have said that cases will reduce by 72% within a 45 day period.

It will also delay the Coronavirus peak which will give the government more time to prepare for it when it eventually hits.

They will be able to come up with the necessary measures to help citizens, both economically and healthwise.

The study stated that if ‘red light areas’ remain closed after lockdown, the number of deaths will be reduced by 63% within 60 days.

According to the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), there are approximately 630,000 sex workers across the country.

As a result, around half a million people visit ‘red light areas’ each day.

Although this may reduce the number of Coronavirus cases in India, it negatively affects the sex workers as it is their livelihood.

Due to lockdown, the actions and activities of Indian sex workers have been stopped as it can spread the virus rapidly. Even though this has been done to benefit the people of India, it also brings worrying consequences for sex workers.

They are finding it extremely difficult to continue with their lives as they have no money, food or no access to medications. Many mothers who are sex workers are also not able to look after their children.

As a result, they cannot provide their children with things as little as milk.

A lack of work may also impact their mental health as many of them lie to their families about their occupation. A lack of income may lead them to find out, causing uproar and potentially leading to depression and other mental health issues.

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