Indian Man walked 1100 km to Meet Girlfriend

In a case of dedication, an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh walked to meet his girlfriend. The long journey was 1,100 kilometres.

Indian Man walked 1100 km to Meet Girlfriend f

The man decided to travel to Varanasi on foot.

An Indian man wanted to meet his girlfriend but due to lockdown, transport was unavailable. However, it did not stop him and he walked 1,100 kilometres so that he could see her.

The young man lived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, while his lover was a resident of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

It was reported that the man walked to Varanasi while his girlfriend began cycling to meet him. However, police officers caught them both.

During questioning, it was revealed that a missed call was the cause of the long journey.

Following the missed call, they decided to meet. The man was originally from Varanasi but had been in Ahmedabad for some work.

However, the nationwide lockdown prevented him from returning home and seeing his girlfriend.

The man decided to travel to Varanasi on foot. Throughout his journey, he spent nights staying in different cities and villages.

It took him 15 days to reach Varanasi. Meanwhile, his girlfriend left her home on a bicycle and went to meet him.

The matter came to the attention of the police when the young woman’s mother filed a missing persons’ report.

Officers at Mirzamurad Police Station began tracing the woman through her phone number.

Police located her and found her with her lover.

They were taken to the police station where they explained what had happened.

The Indian man revealed that when they met, they decided to get engaged.

Shortly after questioning, the couple were released.

The young woman is now at her parent’s house while the man is at his home in Varanasi.

In a similar case, a woman walked for 40 days so that she could be reunited with her husband.

She had got into an argument with him which prompted her to leave her home. She took a train and intended to go to Banka, Bihar, however, she ended up in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

When she realised that she was in another state, the woman had no money to return home. Meanwhile, India’s lockdown was implemented, meaning state borders were closed.

Locals advised her to walk along the Grand Trunk Road because there would be no transport. The Indian wife decided to walk home, therefore, she began her journey.

On May 4, 2020, the woman reached the interstate checkpoint between Jharkhand and Bihar when she fell ill and subsequently collapsed.

Patrolling officers sent the woman to a hospital in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. At the request of Circle-Officer Shivam Gupta, the woman received treatment and some food.

Social Welfare Officer Shipra Sinha explained that the woman had been walking for weeks in order to return home so that she would be reunited with her husband.

The woman was tested for Coronavirus as a precaution but the results came back negative.

Following the negative result, officials in Bhagalpur were contacted about the matter. They travelled to see the woman before driving her home so she could be with her husband.

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