Indian Wife forced to Drink Mosquito Repellent & Murdered

A 25-year-old Indian wife from Agra was forced to drink mosquito repellent. After being made to drink the repellent, she was murdered.

Indian Wife forced to Drink Mosquito Repellent & Murdered ftr

"Sonu was infuriated to find his wife chatting with another man"

A 25-year-old Indian wife identified as Anjali was found dead on Thursday, August 1, 2019. She had been forced to drink mosquito repellent before being strangled to death.

Her body was found in an empty field near her home in Agra.

Anjali’s husband was arrested for allegedly being responsible for her death and he later confessed to murdering her.

It is believed that he became angry when he discovered that she had been talking to another man on WhatsApp.

As a result, he made his wife drink mosquito repellent. He then strangled her to death. The suspect has been identified as Sonu, who works as a vegetable seller.

According to reports, the couple had been married for nine years and had two children ages four and six.

The murder came to light when Anjali’s father filed a written complaint stating that his daughter had gone missing. Police officers launched a search and the Indian wife’s body was later found in a field.

Sonu was arrested on suspicion of committing the murder. During interrogation, he eventually admitted to killing her.

Udayveer Singh Malik, Station House Officer (SHO) of Etmadud-Daula Police Station, said:

“Sonu was infuriated to find his wife chatting with another man over the phone.

“He first forced her to drink a mosquito repellent and then strangulated her to death with a long piece of cloth in the evening.”

It was reported that the incident happened while the children were asleep.

SHO Malik added: “Their children were sleeping at the time of the incident. Based on Anjali’s father, Giriraj’s written complaint, the accused was booked and arrested.”

India Today reported that Sonu was booked under the section of the murder of the Indian Penal Code.

After an autopsy was conducted, which confirmed that Anjali had been strangled to death, her body was handed over to her family.

Incidents, where a husband has taken drastic action against his wife over jealousy, are fairly common.

Some men suspect that their wives are having an affair after finding out that they have been talking to another man, even though it is not the case.

In one incident, 29-year-old Inam Bastiwala was arrested for strangling his wife to death.

Police initially ruled her death as suicide but her family noticed several marks on her neck and accused Bastiwala of murdering her.

Following an autopsy, he was arrested and he later admitted to killing her. Bastiwala said he believed his wife was having an affair which is what led to the murder.

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