Canadian Indian & Wife Horribly Murdered in Punjab

In a shocking incident, a Canadian Indian man and his wife were horribly murdered at their home in the city of Phagwara, Punjab.

Canadian Indian & Wife Horribly Murdered in Punjab f

Kirpal had been stabbed to death with a kirpan

An elderly Canadian Indian couple were found dead at their home in Phagwara, Punjab, on May 31, 2020, prompting a murder investigation.

The couple had been staying in India since November 2019. They planned to return to their home in Canada on April 8, 2020, however, they were unable to due to the Coronavirus.

Police identified the victims as Kirpal Singh Minhas, aged 67, and his wife Devinder Kaur Minhas, aged 65. They had lived in Calgary for just under four years.

The couple were discovered dead at their home.

Although their bedroom appeared to have been rifled through, no important documents had gone missing.

The victim’s had been renting one of the upstairs rooms to a man named Jaspal Singh. Police suspect that he is involved as he has been missing since May 30.

According to the police, the Canadian Indian couple were violently killed on May 29.

It was revealed that Kirpal had been stabbed to death with a kirpan (Sikh dagger) while his wife was strangled to death.

Kirpal and Devinder lived in Canada with their two daughters. Whilst in India, the couple used to call their children at around 6 pm each day.

Gurcharan Singh, a neighbour, said that on the evening of May 29, the couple returned home at 6 pm after being at the gurudwara.

Gurcharan said that when he returned home, he thought that his wife was visiting the Minhas’ home so he went to check.

He knocked on the door after noticing that the lights were off. A man who he believed was the tenant answered the door and claimed that the elderly couple had gone to bed.

One of the couple’s daughters tried to phone but when she received no response, she became concerned and called Gurcharan’s wife to tell her that her parents and the tenant were not responding.

Gurcharan explained:

“When I and another neighbour went to their home, there was no response from inside while the gate was bolted from inside.”

“We informed their daughter about it.”

The neighbours then contacted the Minhas’ relatives who then informed the police. Officers arrived at the scene and entered the house where they found the two bodies.

Police found that no valuables had been taken. Police registered a case against Jaspal and are making efforts to arrest him.

On June 1, police announced that they were looking for two more suspects. They were identified as Suraj Kumar and Ranjit Singh.

It was reported that Jaspal had not paid rent for several months whilst living at the house.

The couple’s son-in-law said that they had two sons living in the United States and two daughters in Calgary. He went on to say that the family is devastated as they are not able to travel for the funeral.

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