Murdered Wife’s Parents say Husband ‘killed’ Sister too

After Satpreet Singh Gandhi was jailed for the murder of his estranged wife, the victim’s parents suspected he also killed her sister.

Murdered Wife's Parents say Husband 'killed' Sister too f

"Satpreet conducted her funeral so fast"

The parents of Harleen Kaur Satpreet Gandhi suspect that Satpreet Singh Gandhi may have also killed their other daughter.

Gandhi received a life sentence after he fatally stabbed his estranged wife Harleen on September 5, 2022.

He waited outside her flat in Headingley, Leeds, before confronting her, accusing her of cheating on him and attacking her.

After sentencing, Harleen’s parents – who are based in India – released a statement, stating that they were “shattered” by her death.

Gandhi had an arranged marriage with Harleen after the death of his first wife – Harleen’s older sister. Gandhi and Simran Kaur had a child together.

However, the parents have reportedly said that Gandhi may have killed Simran, who allegedly died of a heart attack.

Harleen’s father Ravinder Singh told Pune Mirror:

“We extend our gratitude to West Yorkshire police for their kind support and efforts taken to convict Satpreet, and also to the judiciary system who granted a speedy trial.

“After the death of our second daughter, we were completely devastated but West Yorkshire police have given us confidence and cooperated with us throughout the whole case.”

Mr Singh raised questions about Simran’s death, who died aged 25.

He said: “Simran was a national hockey player. How could she die of a heart attack at such a young age?”

Mr Singh said Satpreet Singh Gandhi was quick to carry out the last rites, suspecting that he may have been responsible for her death.

He continued: “We went on a trip and enjoyed a lot a few months before her death.

“Satpreet conducted her funeral so fast and did not even wait for us.

“Now we suspect that, like Harleen, Gandhi might have killed Simran and pretended that she died due to a heart attack.

“So, we are demanding a detailed probe into this matter.”

“We believe that he has the support of his family members too.”

After Simran’s death, her parents arranged for Harleen to marry Gandhi in order to take care of her sister’s child.

Gandhi and Harleen moved to the UK in March 2021.

He displayed controlling behaviour but no police case was filed.

They separated approximately six months before the murder.

Mr Singh said: “We are extremely grateful to West Yorkshire police for their hard work and dedication in finding Harleen’s body so quickly and in gathering enough evidence that Gandhi could be charged speedily.”

He also expressed gratitude towards the Ramgarhia Board Gurdwara Leeds as well as Harleen’s colleagues and friends.

He has now called for an inquiry into the death of Simran.

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