Indian Sex Racket busted at Fake Spa in Mumbai

A sex racket in Mumbai was busted by police officers following an undercover operation. A fake spa had been established and acted as a front.

Indian Sex Racket busted at Fake Spa in Mumbai f

"we found four mobile phones and four female operators"

Mumbai’s Crime Branch unit busted a bogus spa which was used as a front for a sex racket. Businessman Rajnish Singh, aged 30, was arrested for running a call centre which provides business to sex workers.

Singh was the company promoter of Rajnish Wellness, a Bombay Stock Exchange-listed firm which sells sexual wellness products.

He had been running a call centre at Marathon icon Tower in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

DCP Akbar Pathan said: “We were working on this case for more than a month and finally managed to lay a trap at Peninsula Grand hotel in Sakinaka and rescue three females.”

An investigation began when officers noticed a newspaper advert from Singh which said that he was offering spa services at home. But there was no address, only a phone number.

The Crime Branch took on the case but despite calling the phone number, officers could not trace it.

One officer was then asked to pose as a customer and contacted the person to find out information about the spa services offered.

They found out that sex services were also provided at a location which was run in the name of a spa.

The undercover officer asked for four women to be dropped off at the Peninsula Grand Hotel in Andheri East.

Under the supervision of Senior Inspector Mahesh Desai, Inspector Asha Korke and Crime Branch officers waited for the women to arrive.

The undercover officer signalled when the women arrived and officers raided the hotel room.

When questioned, the women revealed that they were employed as spa therapists who would provide their clients with sexual services.

The women also gave the address of the call centre. A raid was subsequently conducted and Singh was arrested.

Inspector Korke said: “After the raid at the call centre, we found four mobile phones and four female operators, who would divert phone calls to the women.

“Six women, who were working for this call centre, would travel to the respective customer’s location as per their request.”

Officers discovered that the spa was fake and that it was just a front for a sex racket.

At the call centre, there was a fixed price chart depending on the services. The prices ranged from Rs. 2,500 (£29) to Rs. 10,000 (£115).

According to Mid-Day, Singh was previously booked in 2017 for illegally running a spa centre. He later used it as a front to run a sex racket.

One officer said:

“Singh would earn at least Rs. 1 Lakh from one girl in a single month. He would only give them 50% of their daily earnings.”

Services were provided between 9 am and 9 pm. The call centre would be shut at night.

The six women would earn between Rs. 8,000 (£90) and Rs. 10,000 (£115) per month.

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