Indian Restaurant shut down for Breaking Covid-19 Rules

An Indian restaurant in Solihull has been closed down after council inspectors found it was not abiding by Covid-19 rules.

Indian Restaurant shut down for Breaking Covid-19 Rules f

The curry house was served with a Direction to Close

An Indian restaurant in Solihull has been closed down for flouting Covid-19 restrictions, making it the second Solihull restaurant to be closed down within a week.

The Shirley Spice curry house in Shirley was found not obeying Coronavirus rules by serving alcohol to customers.

Solihull Council inspectors closed down the Stratford Road restaurant on January 18, 2021.

Even though it has been prohibited by law, the Indian restaurant was found to have been serving alcohol to customers who were waiting for food.

The restaurant owner had also failed to produce the required written Covid safety assessment.

The curry house was served with a Direction to Close, under the Coronavirus legislation.

It will not be able to open again until the owner can demonstrate that Covid-19 arrangements are in place.

The closure of the Shirley Spice curry house means that it is the second Indian restaurant in Solihull to be closed down in less than a week for breaking Coronavirus rules.

On January 15, the Saleem Bagh restaurant in Dorridge was also ordered to close for similar breaches, including serving alcohol to customers waiting for takeaways.

Other breaches included not having any signage, no entry/exit process and nothing to stop groups of people gathering.

A Solihull Council spokesperson said: “Solihull Council and the local police take breaches of the Covid law and guidance very seriously.

“We will continue to monitor the situation in the borough and will not hesitate to take any necessary action to maintain public health and ensure the safety of residents.”

In a previous case, a restaurant in Worcestershire was fined £1,000 and hit with an alcohol ban after it breached lockdown rules by serving food and drink to customers on the premises.

Police visited Deedar Restaurant in Hewell Road on November 20, 2020, at around 8:30 pm, after receiving a tip-off from the public that it had been serving customers during the nationwide lockdown.

Police found people at tables with pint glasses and staff without face coverings.

Restaurant manager Mohammed Hussain was warned that he was breaching lockdown rules and asked him to remove alcohol from the tables.

However, Mr Hussain claimed the people were “waiting for takeaways”.

Superintendent Mark Colquhoun had said that the restaurant had served food inside, workers did not have face coverings as required for takeaways, customers were “drunk” and “clearly served on the premises”.

He added: “Mr Hussain tried to lie to the police to cover up the serious shortcoming.

“Members of the public were clearly concerned as they called us to report this breach. We are currently in the middle of a pandemic.

“Clear guidance has been issued and it appears that the premises has not followed any of it by continuing to operate.”

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