Indian Couple go Viral for kissing during IPL Match

An IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals attracted a lot of attention after the camera captured an Indian couple kissing.

Indian Couple go Viral for kissing during IPL Match f

“This couple has taken the IPL competition to another level.”

An Indian couple has gone viral after they were caught kissing during an IPL match.

The public display of affection (PDA) happened during the IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals on April 2, 2022.

Gujarat ended up winning the match by 14 runs.

But the match ended up attracting attention from within the crowd.

The camera panned through the crowd and ended up showing a young couple kissing.

The unknown Indian couple went viral and prompted a wave of memes.

One person said: “A couple should support the different teams in the IPL so that they can get the chance to celebrate like this.”

Another said: “This couple has taken the IPL competition to another level.”

A third wrote: “I was watching the IPL match with my family, but then this was seen on TV.”

Others called for a ‘kiss cam’ to be introduced in the IPL, something that is popular at sporting events in America.

At these sporting events, the camera scans the crowd before stopping on a man and woman. They then kiss while it is shown on the big screen.

One person said a ‘kiss cam’ should be introduced as a means of making PDAs more accepted in India, writing:

“Jokes aside, IPL should be launching something like kiss cam.

“It will be so much fun and it will make our people more acceptable for public affection.”

Another person commented: “Need kiss cam at sporting events.”

In India, public displays of affection are regarded as unacceptable and under section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, causing annoyance to others through “obscene acts” is a criminal offence with a punishment of up to three months imprisonment or a fine, or both.

As a result, some people criticised the kissing IPL spectators.

One person said: “Good morning everyone except people who are sharing the pic of the couple kissing during the IPL match.”

But others came out in support of the couple, calling for Indian society to normalise PDA such as kissing.

A user said: “This country will always remain awkward about PDA.”

Another asked: “Is it wrong? I don’t think so.”

A third wrote: “Twitter audience discovered kissing and can’t stop tweeting about it now.”

The couple has gone viral for their PDA but based on some of the comments, it has highlighted the ongoing unacceptance of it in India.

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